Stan Lee Already Filmed ‘Avengers 4’ Cameo And Others (Video)

Stan Lee Already Filmed ‘Avengers 4’ Cameo And Others (Video)

Stan Lee is responsible for the heroes that have dominated all of our childhoods. He passed away on Monday (November 12), leaving the entire entertainment world in a collective state of mourning. Lee was 95, and his venture into the afterlife was not completely unexpected.

The comic book creator lived a long and successful life, and his health has been slowly waning for years. As hard as it is to see him go, his passing is the natural process of everyone that makes it to a ripe old age.

Marvel Studios had that in mind when filming Lee’s cameos.
As reported by Variety, Marvel Studios head Kevin Feige hinted that Lee has a few cameos tucked away. “I’m not going to tell you what specifically,” Feige teased, “but Stan always appreciated a good surprise.” ScreenRant reports that both Lee’s agent and director Joe Russo have confirmed that Lee has already filmed his cameo for Avengers 4.

His cameo in Captain Marvel has also been confirmed. There were rumors years ago that Feige took precautious to record a few cameos at once, which means they may have set Lee up on a green screen for a day and knocked out a long list of cameos.

If you remember, Lee’s cameo in Guardians of the Galaxy 2 was almost exclusively CGI. Only time will tell how long Marvel will keep Lee in their films, but I feel like Feige and Disney planned accordingly and we’ll be surprised for years to come.

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