What You Need To Know...(Episode 1)


We need to know that  when two persons are in love, nothing else makes sense anymore to them than their togetherness.
Togetherness is the problem we overlook because we think our advancements in communication technology is taking care of it. Communications through cell phones, social media etc, only break the silence created by distances. Someone who loves you will always want to be together with you, no matter the distance. Togetherness brings the heart to live, and to fulfillment. There are affections that do not need words for expressing them, they need uninterrupted togetherness. Togetherness is very powerful,  just that some get easily distracted and tired and start sniffing for breathing space. I wonder what other breathing space that will be more comforting if not being wrapped in the arms of someone who loves you.

However, we make mistakes of being together with someone who doesn't in any way fancy our togetherness. There is no "one day the person will learn to be with you" rather the person will learn to  pretend with you. Because you first pretended that you two can be together and she pretended you are right too.
Togetherness requires undivided attention and commitment, that is why polite men are men who  are normally romantically together with someone. Togetherness increases life span, although it is very dangerous when mismanaged. Because people who have long been together must not be carelessly separated, it can affect someone's brain.

Seldom some people like being together with someone who allows them to be free. The question is how many people are out there who can give you both fidelity and freedom, they are very few, and you are not still free because such breathing space invites people who will close gaps and fill spaces. Often we meet people who fill such spaces in our offices, schools and business spheres. There is no faithful relationship on the surface of this earth that have ever existed without togetherness. That is why Christ came down (Emmanuel, God-with-us),  to be once together with his people. So even God acknowledges the dividend of togetherness.
Bring one another together, let your desires be found in your togetherness.

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