What You Need To Know...(Episode 2)

Love will not ''Help''

Love will not ''Help''

Some people really need love and affection and some people just need only help, and the difficulty in distinguishing these two sets of people has often made us victims of devastating relationships. Such situation can cause a devastation that can damage one's spirit of philanthropy  and compassion. However everyone should be loved, but not everyone should be given our hearts or privacy. 

I will make us understand these whole complications using the terms " presence " and "influence"
To love someone, is to seek someone's presence, in which thereafter such person's presence creates an influence.  When someone wants your influence but doesn't fancy your presence, such person needs help not love. That is why some people do not feel shame asking someone for sex when they realize only their influence is needed. So they tend to exchange their influence with available pleasure. 

Love will not ''Help''

Influencing someone may be through financial aid, job opportunity or other forms of alleviation . However, loving someone who needs love will make you not to feel the stress and losses of your influence on such person's life, because when we are really in love, there can never be room for sense of loss, for the only loss that can ever be in true affection is the absence of the loved one.

Man is a potential monster, to devour everything around him is a vice inherent in him, you can only control such monster in him when you learn how to control how you feel towards him. 

Conclusively, love will not Help.

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