SUG Directorate of Entrepreneurship, COCES Award Scholarships To Students

The Directorate of Entrepreneurship, Students’ Union Government Collaborated with the  Chike Okoli Centre for Entrepreneurial Studies  (COCES) and organized  three (3) major events which took place from 16th May to 1st June, 2018.

The first event (skill Acquisition), a five (5) day training exercise in seven (7) different career courses which includes:

1.Bead / jewelry making 
2.Foot wear making
3.Fashion designing
4.Make up and gele tying
5.Making and baking of confectioneries
6.Graphics designing
7.Web designing,

recorded two hundred and twenty (220) students; ten (10) in the category of bead/jewelry making, thirty (30) in foot wear making, twenty-five (25) in fashion designing, fourty (40) in make up and gele tying, fifty (50) in making and baking of confectioneries, thirty (30) in graphics designing and thirty-five (35) in web designing. Certificates of participation were issued to all participants upon completion of the course.

The second event (Training on Digital Skills) was a day program and about one hundred and fifteen (115) students attended. Participants were trained on the rudiments of digital skills and each one was given a chance to be a certified Google Digital Marketer after completing the free online course set up by Google on Digital marketing.

Finally, the third event (Entrepreneurship competition and lecture) followed suit. The competition was geared towards bringing out the best out of students with bankable business plans, in terms of both skills and ideas. They were 109 participants across all faculties, and all participants were trained on how to write Business Plans and Proposals; Advanced Digital Skill and Financial Intelligence by the Amicus Centre for Justice, Digitrybe Team and Prescofrances  Resources Limited, respectively, to prepare them for the competition.

All participants were auditioned and eleven (11) finalists emerged, who then contested in the grand finale. In the end, a 200 level student of Applied Microbiology and Brewing, Nwobodo Godson Uchechukwu, emerged as the winner, who has a business plan on Photography with the brand name “pride lens studios”, the 1st Runner up was a 400 level student of Applied Biochemistry, EbubeChukwu Romaine, who has a business plan in Heliculture with the brand name “Rome” and the 2nd runner up was a 400 level student of Pure and Industrial Chemistry, Obasi Emmanuella Chioma, who has a business plan of Food Retail with the brand name “Tiny’s Kitchen”.

The winner was awarded as the SUG Entrepreneurship Ambassador and was entitled to one year scholarship and six (6) months mentorship, while the 1st and 2nd runner up were entitled to fifty percent (50%) scholarship. The Prize to the winners of the competititon was solely  sponsored by Dr.Joseph Onyejiaka, a lecturer and a philanthropist from the department of Estate Manangement.

The event came to an end with a closing remark by the  Director of Chike Okoli Centre for Entrepreneurial studies, Prof. Ngozi Anyikwa, who encouraged participants to have an entrepreneurial mindset and to also take advantage of the centre to equip themselves with skills that will be useful upon graduation.

Written by Michael Oragwa.

From L-R, Mike Oragwa,Director,DOE; Prof. Ngozi Anyikwa,Director, COCES; Second runner up winner shking hands wuth the Sponsor Dr.Joseph Chukwudi; Sub Dean, Student Affairs and Deputy Director,COCES.

Prof.Ngozi Anyikwa,Director COCES with the winner Uche Nwobodo

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  1. Wow it's amazing that the winners are chemistry and science undergraduates who are creative and have the entrepreneurial mindset. I'm sure these awards will spur them on to be real business owners in the future. All the best!


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