All You Need To Know About 2018 Unizik SUG Election

By Churchill Chiagozie

Greatest Nigerian Students!.

As this great University of Our time, Nnamdi Azikiwe University, Awka schedule to conduct 2018/2019 SUG election on 22nd June 2018 being Friday.
Please try to know this!

•Ten Students are vying for the post of SUG President, it's going to be a battle that will worth it, indeed the student unionism in Unizik has been revived unlike before.

• About 5 students are contesting for the Post of SUG PRO, the students need this area the most. If you're not informed in the activities within the university campus, you're gone for good.

• Vice President, Secretary General, Director of Socials and Welfare, Director of Sports, Financial Secretary et al have their different candidates..

For over the years, the Union has suffered different set backs, be it in the case of Godfather-ism in our student politics and lots more.

My advice to great Zikites is to look deep on those candidates, know their plans for the Union, check around to know if he's the one sponsoring his campaign or he has Godfather that want to use him for his own selfish interest. After you must have checked that, give a taught to his manifesto, know the areas that are realistic because we all know that they can't do everything written on their manifesto.

After that, discuss with your friends what you see about the person you picked interest on...
After you must have done that, pick your School ID( Be it GS ID Card or Library ID card) and get ready on Friday to vote for your preferred Candidate.

What you need to know about the Candidates

My name is Churchill Chiagozie, a young man with a clear conscience, I'm interested in whoever becomes the New SUG President on Friday because I believe in true leadership, I know the union has suffered a lot and also the students due to one sided policies imposed by our leaders which I'm part of. So we must make sure that a genuine person wears the cap because if they issue wrong policies in the union it might mare us .So it's a collective effort.

But the case now is, how do we intend to solve these issues facing the student unionism in our campus?

Below are humble  Zikites who intend to serve their fellow students, they want to live a footprint in the sand of times.

Okay, let's quickly run a test on the popular candidates for the post of SUG President.

1. Okafor Joseph Chinemerem: I have known him for good 4 years now. He's from the Faculty of Agriculture. He told me about his good intentions for the students if given the necessary support to represent them but today that would be made public at the oration Ground- Garuba Square, time 3p.m.
One thing about this young man is that he's good, he's fearless but he only fears God. With his type of person, Unizik SUG will wear a new look.

2. Chikeluba Romanus Izuchukwu: A noble young man. He's from Sociology Department in the Faculty of Social Sciences. I have known him for barley a year now, our friendship has been running smoothly, a passionate youth to the core. His quest for youthful participation in politics has fetched him a lot of fame and goodwill. With him too, Unizik SUG would be great.

3. Phil Ebenezer: A young man with lots of zeal in him, always ready to be a voice to those that lack one. "The boy is good" as fondly called by his course mates. He's from History department in the faculty of Arts. He has been my friend for almost a year now, we both share ideas together on a better way to improve  on the goodwill of the Student Union.

Well, there's a big factor that will face many aspirants in this election.

Currently, the Faculty of Social Sciences has three Candidates for this election which will be a great battle for Romanus, while Faculty of Arts has one.

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