Unizik's Forestry& Wildlife Department Commemorates International Forestry Day....

  • By Ohanta Jerry Linus
International Day of Forest(IDF) which was observed on the 21 March, 2018,was also commemorated by the Department of Forestry&Wildlife, Faculty of Agriculture and biotechnology,Nnamdi Azikiwe University,Awka.

Each year the UN chooses a special theme for the day. This year's theme was titled "Forests and Sustainable Cities" inspiring us to make our cities greener and healthier. As well as focusing on the threats our forest constantly face due to urbanization and industrialization.

The relevance of trees to our cities are multi numerous and can never be over emphasized. Forests and trees helps in mitigating the impact of climate change in and around urban areas through the process of carbonate sequestration. Strategic placing of trees in urban areas can cool the air by up to 8 degree Celsius, reducing air conditioning needs by 30%. Urban trees are excellent air filters removing harmful pollutants in the air. The trees also reduce noise pollution as they shield homes from nearby roads and industrial areas. 

To commemorate this day, The Forestry and Wildlife  Students Association (FOWSA) Unizik under the leadership of Comrade Ohanta Jerry Linus in partnership with STEi Foundation successfully carried out tree planting exercise at Mgbakwu Community, Awka North LGA, Anambra State.

Our Felicitation goes to the following Ministries and its Commissioners for their support:
- Ministry  of Agriculture, Mechanization, Processing and Export

- Ministry of Environment, Beautification and Ecology

Special thanks to the following distinguished personalities: 

- Mr Emeka Okoli- Director Technical Service, Anambra state Ministry of Agriculture, Mechanization, Processing and Export, Awka.

- Mr Vin O. Okakpu- Director of Forestry Anambra state Ministry of Environment, Beautification and Ecology, Awka.

- Mr John Agbo Ogbodo- CEO STEi Foundation.

We are immensely grateful to the Head of department, Forestry and Wildlife Management Department;Dr. Ezeano I. Caleb, HOD, Agricultural Economics and extension department;Prof Mrs Nkiru T. Meludu, GM Purity FM Awka;Mr Greg Odiakosa, Rector, Anambra State Poly Mgbakwu; Dr Nkechi Mefoh. And to all the staff of Radio Nigeria Awka, and Unizik FM, Dr Paschal Odeh, 

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