Greetings to you; I welcome you in a special way to this platform, UNIZIKMATA BLOG, a campus-based blog for UNIZIK Campuses as well as other Campuses in Nigeria.

There is no need for you to be scared because of this notice; yes of course, you don’t have to be afraid as nothing bad happened; it is a good news this time around, a thing of joy. So, relax and take your precious time to read this notice till the end and do not forget to share this information with others out there as they may be in need of it as well.

The good news is that TEAM UNIZIKMATA has decided to make this year’s matriculation ceremony of the 100 level students of Nnamdi Azikiwe University (UNIZIK), located in Awka, the Capital City of Anambra State, South-East of Nigeria, a memorable and blissful event indeed for the amiable matriculating students.

The team has made this possible by agreeing to allow parents, Guardians, and others (even the students themselves) to place congratulatory messages (with photos) on this platform (blog) for their sons, daughters, siblings, relations, and friends currently in 100 level in UNIZIK and who will be having their matriculation ceremony this time around.

Also, we have set the price for this maiden (first-time-in-history) offer/service at an affordable amount considering the state of economy in Nigeria, and other expenses the 100 level students have made on campus so far.

Remember that it was not an easy task to gain admission into a great university such as UNIZIK and it is a thing of joy and you can do this for your son, daughter, brother, sister, relations, and friends on his/her/their day of matriculation. 

You may not be able to make it to the event arena on that day, but placing this congratulatory message(s) for him/her/them is worth making him/her/them feel special and cared for; and will spur him/her/them on to work harder academically knowing that you will do greater thing(s) for him/her/them on him/her/their convocation (graduation) having done this for him/her/them on him/her/their matriculation.

In addition to placing the congratulatory (matriculation) message on this site for the people of the world to read and know about it and join you in celebrating yourself/him/her/them, we will also share the message on our Official Facebook Page (https://web.facebook.com/unizikmatapage/) with about 4000 active followers, on our Official Facebook Group (https://web.facebook.com/groups/unizikmata/) having over 35,000 active members, on Instagram, Twitter, other affiliated blogs, affiliated Facebook Pages and Groups, and other affiliated social media channels. Believe it that lots of people will know about your Matric if you opt in for this offer.

We will also personally share the link to the congratulatory message with you and others on Whatsapp. We have a wider reach when it comes to reaching out to people, most especially students.

All these we can do for you at an affordable price of N1000 only. Please, interested person(s) and/or student(s) are advised to contact Chinonso Emmanuel Asiegbu (popularly known as The Inspirational Parrot) through 08037834016 (Calls/SMS/Whatsapp). It is your decision and choice to make.

NOTE: An additional amount of money is going to be charged for those who will want us to cover their matriculation party on that very day of the ceremony. Still contact Chinonso Emmanuel Asiegbu (The Inspirational Parrot) on 08037934016.

Thanks for reading this notice till this point; we look forward to receiving your calls, messages, and/or chats as we are 100% readied to render best of services to you.



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