An ardent reader of Unizikmata blog called our news desk late last night to send this piece of information to us.

It was gathered that the SUG President of Nnamdi Azikiwe University,Awka; Comrade Ikenna Igwebuike  was slapped by a security personnel at the Ifite school gate while trying to enter the school premises very late at night with some other SUG officials.

According to the source, the President and some other key SUG officials got to the school gate which closes officially at 10 pm, and where asking the security men at the gate to open the gate.the securitymen  refused to open the gate and then they started shouting EMERGENCY!!! THE 001 is here,open the gate while hitting the gate very loud. While this was going on,some of the students were seen climbing the fence.

This instilled panic and apprehension among the students,especially those reading at Garba square at the time,most of them including the eyewitness had to run away fearing it was an attack. In the process of scampering for safety,many of them lost their phones and other valuables.

When the noise got unbearable the security men had to open the gate,and as the SUG President who maintained his cool all through the period approached one of the security men to talk to him,the security man slapped him.

 This got the SUG officials and other students who had gathered to see what was going on very angry and they wasted no time,in descending on the security man for assaulting their president. The Patrol team of the security unit arrived the place and arrested the security man and locked him up.

The students already tensed with the situation,where really angry at the incident as most of them could not continue studying for their forthcoming exams as a result of the ugly development which cost some of them their phones and other valuables.

This is not the first time, students are being harassed and assaulted  by Securitymen and Bus drivers especially. we hope that this doesn't reoccur again

News Credit: Great Louis

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