DigiTrybe Africa Presents A 1-day Free Google Digital Skill Master Class on Brand Marketing, Social Media for profit, Importation and E-commerce, etc...

The targeted people for this broadcast are those who are living within and/or around Awka, the Capital City of Anambra State, Nigeria. See details below...

DigiTrybe Africa Presents:

A 1-day Free Google Digital Skill Master Class on the following:

1) Brand Marketing

2) Social Media for profit 

3) Importation and E-commerce

4) Lead Generation Strategies for Businesses

No need for too much words, such an event like this doesn't need too many words. If it is not good, I The Inspirational Parrot won't have agreed to parrot about it on this reputable Campus-based media platform.

It's going to be mind-blowing as you would learn how to position your business(es) and make it to dominate over others in this 2018.

You are also have the privilege to learn how to increase your brand reputation and your reach.

Another good news is this one-day Class does not discriminate any niches of business; be you a developer, programmer, designer, business owner, CEO, etc; you are most welcome.

Lastly, you can register online right now via tiqeta.com/t/admm

Please, you shouldn't afford to miss this!

One more thing; make sure you share this information to others; you may help someone to know about this.

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