Anticipate: "SUG High Court Procedural Rules" (See Details)

This is to notify the entire public, most especially the Staff and students of Nnamdi Azikiwe University Awka (UNIZIK), of this recent and wonderful development, a book for the  High Court of the Student Union Government (SUG), UNIZIK Chapter. Get more details of this book as you peruse more...

The "SUG High Court Procedural Rules" was drafted and produced due to some irregularities that litigants encountered while trying to secure a charge in the SUG High Court of the University. 

Prior to UNIZIK SUG High Court Procedural Rules, the admissible rule was the LAWSA High Court Rules and thus made the SUG high court lack some competent jurisdiction while having their proceedings at such moment of judicial rancor. 

The wittiness of Hon. Justice Kenneth O. Ezema and that of all S.J.C. (Students' Judicial Council) members were all on a vision to set a legacy and secondly, to intercept such irregularities in litigation, came up with these piece, known as the "SUG High Court Procedural Rules" which actually took time to produce and was  signed into law under the tutelage of our amiable Dean of Students Affairs (UNIZIK) Prof. Stanley C. Udedi.

It was also supervised under the committee led by Ogbuagu Simeon Echeghe. The SUG High Court Procedural Rules 2017 has not just been an event but a contrite achievement of the Students Judicial Council, UNIZIK 2016/2017 Administration.


This wonderful book is already available for the general public to have it in their library; to grab a copy of this book, kindly contact 07062277736. 

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