This is to officially welcome all UNIZIK students back on campus for a new academic session...

According to the academic calendar released by the school authority, new session has already started on Monday, the 20th day of November, 2017.

From the observations made by members of our team, academic activities have not taken full effect in some Departments, if not all. 

In addition, some students have returned back to campus, while some students are still yet to return if actually their returns would be within this year.

I.T. returnees are also busy working on their Technical reports and some are as well planning on starting up works on their seminar topics.

Results of the last examination have been released, just that certain departments have not yet uploaded theirs while some only uploaded part of the results for some classes in the departments in question.

From the interactions members of our team had with some of the freshly graduated students; some fresh graduates are already doing their clearance.

For the year one students, we understand how each of you feel, but you should be patient as names are being uploaded. And for those whose names might not be in the list released, don't give up hope as subsequent list(s) may be released soonest.

This is a fresh academic session and your success at the end starts now. Draw your strategies and map out plans to achieving your goals, and make sure you play the right roles that can lead to the actualization of your goals.

Your poor performance last academic session should not be a demoralizing factor. Also, your good/excellent performance in the last academic session should never make you to be complacent. Aim for more!

Remember, academic excellence isn't just all about intelligence; it requires qualities such as diligence, competence, confidence, patience, inter alia.

If you have gone/looked around the school environment, you should have noticed some new developments in and outside the school compound.

We thank God Almighty for keeping us alive till this day, and for leading us safely back to school hale and hearty.

Having said a lot, we expect you to be of good conduct throughout your stay on UNIZIK so as to achieve your major aim of coming to the university.

Team UNIZIKMATA is here not only to you keep you informed, but to educate, train, help, entertain, expose, celebrate, and work with you. Feel free to contact us.

Thanks and God bless you all.

Chinonso Emmanuel Asiegbu 

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