On a Saturday evening at the unizik junction Awka, ladies of all shapes and sizes, probably students of the Nnamdi Azikiwe University Awka Anambra state were at the bus stop, albeit to travel to different destinations to catch fun for the weekend.

While some were actually waiting for a commercial bus to board, others were frantically soliciting for a free ride  (LIFT ) , suddenly a young guy with a flashy car veered of the road and parked by the roadside, many of the girls rushed to the car, the driver wind down the window glass and pointed at a beautiful lady amongst them, he asked where she's heading to and she replied "Onitsha " , he told her to hop in and they zoomed off, once they were off, the lady after exchange of pleasantries, relaxed and brought out her expensive smart phone and kept herself busy with it, the guy glanced at it and after a while started chatting the girl up.

These they were doing until they got to New Tarzan junction Nkpor, at that time, the guy veered off the road again in front of a kiosk, he gave the girl #100 and pleaded with her to go and help him buy airtime from that kiosk.

Once the girl dropped her handbag and the phone and stepped down from the car, the guy zoomed off with everything living the girl behind, she started screaming and people gathered asking what happened.

Immediately she said she doesn't know the guy but that he gave her a lift, she was confronted with lots of abuses from the crowd, they called her a runs girl, saying that she wanted to eat the guy dry but that the guy was just smarter and they had no sympathy for her. Ladies should learn from this as some even ends up being used for rituals. What's your advice to the ladies on this?

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