What to Wear With Your throwback Favourite Jeans

What to Wear With Your throwback Favourite Jeans

As such, these throwback jeans look best when paired with modern and sophisticated pieces. A sweater, structured blazer, and heeled boots will work perfectly taking this 90’s mom style into 2017.

High-waisted jeans are great for lengthening the appearance of legs and adding definition to the waist. Although you can find many styles of high-waisted jeans, skinny varieties tend to be the most flattering. Once you’ve found the right pair for you, you can enhance the effects of your skinny jeans by strategically pairing them with other pieces. High-heeled booties will continue to elongate your legs, as will a longline coat, while a tucked-in shirt will help create a chic hourglass appearance.

Although straight leg jeans are a classic style, they can appear somewhat uninspired at times. To help add some excitement to straight leg styles, choose a design with large cuffs at the bottom and pair them with eye-catching styles. A statement T-shirt, a printed blazer and unique shoes all make great additions to outfits with this type of denim.

Flared jeans are back and street style stars have been loving them all season long. Whether you choose an oversized style or something a little more subtle, these stylish jeans are a must for your wardrobe. To rock the trend, pair these jeans with other 70’s fashion styles, such as platform heels and a suede jacket.

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