*Episode ONE*

*goose zit*

Alright here the puzzling circumstance. I got to start seeing her around since my second grade in high school. I could have been so frightened any time I stole a glance at her as she always trudged through the hallway... well it was real mixed because  I often fidgets and feel ecstatic all at the same time. TBT(truth be told) it took me a whole session admiring this physiognomy. Buh then.; it wasn't a crime to Be into an enchantress.
did I get hexed??

I was the dude who always walked with the gang! Lol. *gang*. I mean old dawgs who had aji(hairs) everywhere on their en *bodiment.i was what 10years of age in second grade (jss2). How could I already be in love. I Didnt recall falling ...

All through the hols I was as miserable as our featuring president in his sick bay. TBH(to be honest) I was hexed I need an antidote. this  evening I was jobless in the parlour and clouded in thought. I was with her at apapa amusement park with uchunk of ice cream. I Ddnt know how we got the creamy tho'' I started spitting more words than Eminem in *im not afraid*
lol(lots of laff) *illusive*

I couldn't really wait for the new session to commence, I started off anticipating the resumption date of jss3 like the wait of jesus's coming. September 21th 2007. I presume.   I was really affirmative with my new found morale. And hey it was a military institute Buh it had no dealing with the morale correlated with that shady feeling *love*.. I had two uniform sewn in my name every session but this time I had *statistics* to be adhered to. My uniform got fitted., and TM'3d. My pants got penciled n gatorred!*really**?. Coming down to my feet! He'll naw.... ACG sandals, , 3pairs
 socks each day to interchange wen one got stained in the slightest. I Didnt think I had the money to purchase liquid polish for the sandals so I had to put my wandering fingers on.some cash that wasn't mine
 who said it wasn't mine?? What's my dad's is mine too Yh

And the most pricking pain to my heart turned to changing my *orientation*  I got set for school or rather *Her*.  


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