THE HIGH SCHOOL RETRO episode 3 *static joy*

*static joy*

Everyone could noticed I acted differently that gloomy day. It was 11:45am so all the students were out to grab a bite. Seeing her go about her activities gave me some more reason to admire a lot of things about her. I ll always get up and roam aimlessly walking passed through her class just so she ll see me pass... *wasn't ever sure she did*.

I couldn't ve been hounding her?? I won't say exactly Buh I made sure I had a snip of her daily itinerary, down to the route she took home. So I ll follow my friends and take the same routes till she took a bus. Then I ll walk back alone to the opposite direction about a long weary walk from home. I always got home soaked in sweats and tiresome. Then I kept on telling myself the *doubt talk* I ll talk to her tomorrow, *i guess the night that dawned the morrow took a year till sunrise. I kept on posting my self and wallowing in the depth of a thousand love songs. Justin Bieber and Chris Brown had that part covered. From *mistletoe, to goodbye, baby, no air, don't judge me, don't wake me up etc* It deepened my wounds. In no time I was almost done with my *junior WAEC exams* and we went home. We were all summoned to school to check our results so we all came to school for that sole purpose, so there I was eloped with thought till I felt thoughtsick.

My close friend Gregory was next to me. Strucked out from my state of mind by an adagio as it played in my mind, she walked like a run way model coming to the spot for striking a pose, tho this time there wasn't a runway and she wasn't planning of striking any pose of a sort. As she came closer my heart rate doubled, moving @ the speed of a golf knocked with a 8" golf stick. My adrenaline lost its limits and I couldn't feel my skin or the rays of the scorching sun, just @tm ( at the moment) the *belle* who's made me act a schmuck is coming my way, the golf ball ended in my chest and conglobated, when she came and hugged Gregory my presumed best friend...
My heart stopped.


Episode four : watch out.. .

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