Episode 2

*goose PImPLeS*

Inadvertently I was in school by 6:43am, that really was the last time I came to school that eearly.
Got to my new class,dropped my bag came out feeling expectant, *lord know I was waiting for her*.. my class got filled up in bits, best student from jss2 got to jss3 A or rather *adelanwa*.. looking up the time from my new G-shock watch, the central bell chimed.

7:45am, the time to conglomerate at the assembly which was the basketball court, students dressed in white and blue standing in groups differentiated by class. I Ddnt really notice the beauts in my class tho' was in search of a class I literally used my balls (eyes) and combed through every class.

Where was she?? I hadn't even known her name yet. My eyes in search of this just one girl. One thing I knew about her was her attitude of coming to school early. Before I could move my brain its been a week. That Friday I got angered and worried, with a sweet pain in my heart, haven't felt like this since birth... I called on a girl I always seem to see her with, without wasting time the girl jugged to my front. *senior good afternoon* and I waved off d gesture. Where's your friend? Toned my voice authoritatively though she could feel the quaver in my tone.
*senior which of them*
And a lil voice spoke, let her go, so I adhered.

I Didnt assimilate a single clause from all the teaching through the week and ostensibly my weekends I wished were skip-ends, hoping for her resumption the following Monday.

Stood at the assembly with my queasy face, looking pale and exhausted with lots of fantasies.
I even created a scene where I meet her at *KFC* in festac and bought her a few chops. Those smiles tho; re-creating the scene I jerked off from my other delusional world
*driving & Wandering my eyes I got a glimpse of someone who looks much as my fairy goddess so I reversed my eyes pulled the throttle of my neck and smashed the brake at the exact spot I saw her* ooh! The joy I felt, staring at this amazon, I felt real cold for a few, I started acting stupid, dancing to no rhythm, breaking interval of my body to no trap. *lovestuck*

Through out the assembly I will steal surreptitious glance at her. *Oh Mine! There she stood, the cause of my mysterious mistery. The sole reason for my latent laughter, the only problem to my problems,*. I kept my cool Buh I Didnt realise half my new class were all fixing gaze at me...

*i Ddnt give a heut... *she's back..

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