*THE GIRL I LOST IT TO* *THE FINAL EPISODE* *Written by Okwor Ebubechukwu*

*Written by Okwor Ebubechukwu*

Dear snuggle baby,
 Chelsea always called me sweet pet names like, sweetie pie, cuddle bunch, hot chocolate, etc but she never called me by my real name.
         I pray you find it in your heart to understand and  forgive me, where do I even start from? My real name is Ameena Azeeza. And I was born into a Muslim family. At about the age of 13 I was betrothed to a man, named Ibrahima Azza, as a third wife by my father in return for him to pay my mother's medical bills and also pay my school fees up till my graduation.

       Dear, it was I very hard decision for me but I had no choice, knowing that I can save my mother from dying of breast cancer, giving her a chance to live another day is what I'd do anything for, so  I accepted,  but only for me to become his wife after my education. He was based in the states but came back at regular interval, he made sure that my mother and my family was well taken care of as he promised, everything was going as planned until the day I met you...

I never wanted to call you but I guess it was one of those little lies a girl tells herself when she meet a cute guy that she really likes.
    To cut the long story short, I've traveled back to the states  with my family to make arrangements for my wedding. I don't no if fate will ever bring us together again in life, but I want you to know that I've never felt for any man the way I feel for you, not even the man im getting married to. I feel so comfortable and secured whenever I'm around you, I won't deny the fact that I did and will always love you baby, I no at the moment, this won't make you feel better or change anything, but I want you to understand that sometimes when life turns you upside down you just have to live side up and learn to accept things that you can't change the way it is. I cherish every single minute spent with you and god knows if I had a choice, with you I where I'd rather be.
       Thank you for giving me the opportunity to know what real love is for the first time in my life, good bye my love.

It's not possible, No!!! It can't be possible. I felt like I'm dreaming, I needed someone to wake me up from this bad dream immediately. But how come I never asked her real name? Where she's from? How come I never noticed all these? Her vocabulary and pronunciation was above perfect, I'm sure even a seer most have found it very difficult to see all these. Oh! I guess I was blinded by love, my first real love that I was willing to sacrifice and do anything for, but I guess this one is bigger than me, where do i even start from??
For some seconds I was completely jaded, some how I managed to find my way back into the car and zoomed off.
Well that's my story, how I gave it all to my first real love that I never got to see again. Yes they'll always be a first time , but this isn't how I wanted mine to be, we all know
 That how it started doesn't really matter, what matters is how it all ended. For Scott the end was heartbreaking, sad and painful. An end that he will never forget in a rush.


*Written by Okwor Ebubechukwu*

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