We sat looking at each other without saying anything for awhile before she became bold enough to break the awkward silence, looking straight into my eyes; she said, I don't really know exactly what we're, I don't even care if this is right, I don't know what will happen next, but I'm so sure this is what I wanted, God knows that I can't continue lying and pretending to myself anymore like I don't have feelings for you because its a big lie, the truth is,  I'm so  in love with you that the only thing I can think of is...

I didn't allow her to finish that last statement before I grabbed her body and kissed her lips as she responded so passionately like she's longed  for this moment her whole live.
 I moved my hands around her body as we kissed with little or no concern that someone may just work into the house anytime.
The feeling of her soft lips and body was heavenly, without wasting anymore time  i quickly carried her into my bedroom and put her up against the wall.

She quickly unzipped her gown from the back as I allowed my eyes to see beneath her beauty, her spotless body was as sexy and soft as I imagined, as we grind with passion I allowed her the pleasure of removing my clothes. I had those muscular well built perfect body and packs that will keep em girls craving for a hug if I should pull my shirt in public. With the wow! Smile on her face, I have no doubt she liked what she saw, as she pushed me to the wall and seductively kissed my lips, and moved to my neck, my n*pples and down to the big man himself already standing firmly upright like a soldier ready for war, as she mesmerized it with her mouth, felt like another day in paradise.
We moved from tables to chairs and finally settled down to the floor.I can hear her sweet steady moan as I Im-prov between her legs. switching position, feels good but I know she wants to cry out.
She kiss me so sweetly taste like Hershey's, we went on for hours and finally rested.

That night I was just reminiscing about everything, the sweet smell of her skin and all her moves. "it was sweet and I really enjoyed myself" she said to me with a blushing face, i enjoyed myself too, i mumbled to myself as I drive her home after we had lunch.

For days I tried calling her phone but it was either switched off or not reachable, I was really worried cause it was so unusual, i said so because For the past one month and some weeks we've been friends her phone was never switched off and she always replied my text.
So I decided to drive to her house and find out if everything is OK.

On getting to her house I was told that she is not around by the gate man, but she left a written note for me. First I thought it was a joke,i mean in this 21st century?  Seriously what happened to phone calls and text messages. Trust me, I wasn't scared but I was so  confused as I opened the piece of paper and it reads thus;...


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