It was a Monday morning, a new week.I woke up very happy with loads of expection for the week, it seems I have forgotten everything about her, i somehow managed to stop thinking about her. Its been three good days and she never called or sent a text, so I figured out maybe its not meant to be, besides its a work day for me, so I had little or no time to think about that.

 About my work? Yes, my sister Vivian used her contacts and connection to get me a part-time job in the same organization where she works. I arranged files, typed, move documents from office to office, sometimes made tea and bought lunch for the staffs most of which were white men since it was an international Non governmental organization based in the state capital. I don't really no how exactly to define my job but, it was really fun for me besides I really don't do much, I was paid  five thousand Naira every week since I only work three times in a week. I accepted the job not because of the money, even without the job, my monthly up keep from my parents and sister even during the holiday is enough for me, but because It was an avenue for me to meet new people, learn new things and actually get myself busy for as long as I'm going to stay for the long vacation. I dressed up looking handsome as always before my sister, maybe because she had more to do, prepare her kid for sch, make breakfast for the husband or maybe because she was just busy painting her face on the mirror in her bedroom, dude, its a Monday morning she has to look good.....

Naturally Vivian is beautiful and average in height with light skin color all she took from my Mum. For thirty minutes I was waiting for her in the car, she never allowed me to drive the company's car, she told me that I can drive her own black colored Mercedes Benz that her husband bought for her as a gift a week after she had their first child, but the company's car? Its a NO! NO! for her. So I quietly sat at the front seat of the car, not long before she came out and we left for work.

 That day at the office, she  had a lot of work to do on her desk, I helped her out since I hadn't much to do, so we can go home early. We came home that evening I was really hungry but I wanted to shower first before eating.
My phone rang immediately I got off the bathroom with just my pants on, I picked up my phone to see who was calling me, first I thought it was my Mum, because she always call like ten times everyday, but then I noticed that it wasn't her, it wasn't her cute smiley face picture, I saved her contact with as " Dear Mother". In fact the number calling me has no name because it wasn't saved on my phone, without wasting anymore time I picked the call. "Hello handsome" she said, the voice sounded familiar, its me, the girl you met at the bus the other day, wow!!! I beamed with smile and.......... *TO BE CONTINUED*

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