The truth is, back in school I have loads of pretty female friends, both in my class and outside my class, some of which where even older than me by age or level...
Our relationship or should I say friendship is mutually based on academic purposes no string attached whatsoever, but Chelsea was just different, I knew and felt it the moment I met her in the bus, it was unusual, she had this spark and craziness I love so much in a lady. Our friendship grew and became stronger as we get to no each other better, we blended very well as most of the time we are always together, we went out together, we had lunch together, went to the movies, played video games together, actually she was the first girl to win me in a soccer game, that's because I allowed her and sometimes when she visited I cooked  for her. She first doubted me when I told her that I'm a good cook, some how I just have to prove it.

It was a free friday for me. My sister and the husband have all gone to work, i was the only one at home  cause Thursdays and Fridays are usually my work free day. I decided not to wake up early as usual since its my day off. After I think I've had enough sleep, I decided to get up because I was really hungry, I had to eat something after which I relaxed in the living room to watch some TV.

Some minutes later I heard the doorbell ring, then  I went to get the door and it was Chelsea, its unusual because she normally calls before coming, so i asked if everything was OK? She said yes with her charming cute smile, that she just wanted to pay me a surprise visit without calling. Wow! Thats nice i said.

We both smiled as we work back to the living room. We sat on the same two in one  couch,  close to each other, it wasn't the first time. I asked if she wanted anything?  She said not really, that all she want  is to be here with me, with the expression on her face I no she wanted to say more but maybe the words are not coming or maybe she doesn't just no how to say it.
 I kept my eyes glued to her irresistible lips and body as she speaks, god knows I try so much to restrain myself anytime we're together, but for how long would that be?  I don't need Google or any prophet to tell me that I'm in love and have found the perfect one.
From a thousand miles away one can feel the sexual fire burning between us........ *TO BE CONTINUED*

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