We talked and talked for hours on the phone, sometimes when I tease her, I could hear her laugh out loud. I told her that I had since lost hope that she was going call, she said she knew that I must have felt bad and repeatedly apologized for not calling as soon as she promised. she told me her name is Chelsea, and we talked even more until she exhausted her airtime, I knew so because she told me when I called her back immediately. We talked till midnight, I gave her my address and asked her to visit anytime, she agreed and promised to visit soon before we said good night and ended the call.
It was when I got off the phone I realized that I hadn't eaten anything since we came back by 4 o'clock on the dot, but I wasn't hungry anymore, I felt happy and satisfied, like I already ate to my satisfaction so I went to bed with a smiley face of fulfilment.

Since that night we became friends and talked almost everyday on the phone, we make video calls and sent text messages with crazy emoji's most of the time I find myself smiling at her cute text like an idiot in front of everyone, sometimes I wish we could stay on the phone forever because of her sweet voice.

From day one Chelsea had that kinda radio voice that'll keep you awake all night listening to it, I can recall several time on the phone I told her how sweet and sexy her voice sounded, I'm pretty sure that made her blush all the time. Somedays later, she visited as she promised. That day she called me and said she was right in front of my gate, I thought it was one of her numerous tricks until I dared her to ring the bell if she's telling the truth, surprisingly she rang the bell and I went to get the door  lo and behold it was her at the door looking stunning, gorgeously dressed in a fitting black gown that brought out all her features, I quickly reached for a hug which she responded to, then I allowed her to come in so I could close the door. Wow! I noticed her straight hairless legs.

The first time we met in the bus she was wearing a pair of trousers I guess that's the reason I didn't get to see her legs, Indeed she was a queen of beauty. I then  closed the door as and led her to the living room and asked her to make herself comfortable while I go get us a drink, I came back with a bottle of red wine and an Orange juice, then asked her to make a choice, she choose the red wine, perfect choice I whispered to myself as I opened the bottle and poured some for her and myself as well.

We hadn't talked much before my sister came back, I took the honor of introducing her to my sister as my friend and begged her to stay for dinner promising to drive her home after......... *TO BE CONTINUED*

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