It was roughly about 8 o'clock that morning, when we got to the bus station, and then I was made to understand that I have missed the first bus which left about 30 minutes ago.
My options where to take seat no 5 in the next bus which is close to the window at the left wing of a 7 seater sienna bus or wait for the next 3rd bus which is completely empty at the moment and seat at the front with the driver which is always my favorite spot.
Its all my fault, i woke up late, maybe i should have listened to my Mum when she told me yesterday to stay back and have enough rest  for my journey the next day......
I settled for the first option, all  we needed was just two people to be complete including myself.

I went inside the bus to sit down. The seat was a bit uncomfortable for me considering my height and everything, but I'd manage, I said to myself.i busied myself Looking through the window, a lot of activity was going on at the bus station, I saw some guys smoking and laughing out loud at a corner, I slowly moved my gaze towards a group of kids hawking that early morning, shouldn't they be in school I asked myself? Then I noticed a fight going on, i saw some group of guys throwing punches and slaps at a boy of my age, I can see the scene clearly from my window, I was curious to know what he did, so i listened as I  heard some women shouting"please leave him oo! You people will kill him! another voice responded immediately, this time its the  fat woman  selling food close to my window; "that serves him right. He should have thought of that before stealing a phone and a purse from a lady in the bus, pretending to be a passenger." Then i hissed a sigh and shook my head. What was he thinking?

I was distracted by a young girl of about 12years knocking at my window asking if I'd like to buy bread or a recharge card from her? My sister never liked the idea of buying bread outside, she always baked bread  at home anytime they needed it, so buying bread was a No for me. but I actually wanted to buy the recharge card just incase of any emergency then I remembered my phone is as good as useless at the moment.
so I shook my head in rejection for the girl as I watch her leave.
Finally our bus is complete now, I didn't even know when the two passengers we were waiting for came in and sat beside me, we filled the necessary information needed in the manifest as the driver started the engine........... *TO BE CONTINUED*

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