In the bus, I thought about my Mum and Dad, I no they're going to miss me, most especially my Mum. Deep  down I know she's gonna be just fine. Besides She's going to be traveling to isreal  with my Dad and some other church members a week from now for their yearly pilgrimage visit.

Staying at home alone was a big NO for me, so I decided to go to Abuja and stay with my big sister Vivian, since we're on vacation, that way  its a win win for everyone.....
I was brought back to consciousness by that voice, that amazing radio voice of the girl sitted next to me. That was when I realized that, I wasn't really here, I was lost with thoughts ever since I entered the bus, that was when I realized I hadn't even taken time to notice anybody in the bus, to actually look at the faces of the  people I'm traveling with.....
I don't really care who she was with on the phone, whether it was the boyfriend or the husband. But she was way too young and beautiful for a 21st  century girl to be married at that age, I thought to myself. Out of curiosity I allowed my eyes to move to her well perfectly polished fingers just to confirm my assumptions, No rings! I whispered to myself.....
While she was still on the phone I took my time to check her out, her pinky red lips and blue brown eyes was what I noticed first, she had a spotless pretty face and a well structured nose to match it up, her not too light skin color was just a perfect combination. Everything was just in the right proportion and measure, not too big yet not too small, she was just an embodiment of beauty.

I only see such complete beauty without make up in a movie, at some point I started to think if she was really human.
I quickly put myself together though I was really bored to my teeth, to worsen the situation, our driver started to play some local old 15th century kinda music mtcheeew! I wished my phone  or headset was charged.....the journey would have been more fun for me....
After sometime she brought out her apple ash colored tablet from her pure leather Gucci handbag which she was carrying. I guess she was bored too, I can see that on her face.
At interval I steal a glance at her as she went through her Facebook, WhatsApp and Twitter to reply some chat and then finally settled for a movie.
I figured it was time for me to make I move, but what's the need I said to myself? Obviously after today I won't see her again, so I killed the thought.

After awhile I decided to ask her nicely if I could just join her to watch the movie cause i was reslly bored and had nothing to do, wasn't feeling sleepy either. She said " sure, its OK by me" with a smiley face which sent some sweet amazing feelings down my soul.
She then moved closer to me so as to share her eyepiece with me..... The truth is, I have seen the movie before but I just need something to keep my eyes busy........... *TO BE CONTINUED*

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