It was my last gym section for the month, so I didn't stay long as usual, because I needed to come back early so I could have enough rest before traveling to Abuja the next day.
I came back around 6 o'clock in the evening, feeling very weak and tired, its the usual feeling.... Since I wasn't really hungry, I went straight to my bedroom and slept off.
In my sleep, i can hear a voice calling my name from a distance, the more I listened, the closer the voice comes, and then a bang at my door before it swinged open. "Get up, go take a shower and dress up you're going to miss your bus."

It was my Mum. Omg! I quickly jumped out of the bed straight to the bathroom, did my thing and was set to go. I already packed my bags the previous day even before going to the gym, I'm the kinda guy that likes to prepare ahead of time just to make sure I'm not gonna forget anything, but today, I think I broke that record.
I forgot to charge my cell phone, my laptop and my headset last night before sleeping. I just hurl the gadgets into my hand luggage without wasting anytime.
My mum already bought a ticket for me for the first  sienna bus leaving for Abuja that morning, she also packaged my breakfast so I could eat in the car since time is not on my side anymore, I declined because I  really don't like the idea of eating in a bus.
I hugged and pecked her  before leaving,

 Awww! I swear I could hear her heart beat screaming out loud " I'm going to miss you so much my baby boy" But travel safe and call me soon OK? Was all she was able to voice out, and I responded "yes Mum".
Since I woke up that morning, my mood was neutral, for some reasons that I don't really know I wasn't happy and I wasn't sad at the same time.
My Dad drove me to the bus station. On our way, we never said a word to each other until we got to the bus station.

My Dad believes that I'm a grown man now, and can take good care of myself, unlike my Mum who is always overprotective.... He brought out his wallet, and gave me some one thousand naira notes then said in his deep manly voice which I believe I inherited from him " I hope this will get you to Abuja"? I quickly took the money from him and responded "yes sir" later when i counted the money,  it was 30k, "Nice play old man" I said to myself with a quick smile........ *TO BE CONTINUED*

The next episode will on Monday  please be on track and don't miss out...

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