We both watched the movie in silence as our eyes where fixed on the screen of her tablet. I wanted to focus my eyes on her lips, but then I don't want her to catch me staring lustfully at her....
She gave me the tablet to hold because she was feeling sleepy, after awhile she then relaxed on my comfortable shoulder and slept off. I look around and noticed that it was just me and the driver that are not sleeping inside the well relaxed air conditioned car, maybe if the driver wasn't driving he would have joined the sleeping league.....The man at the other extreme end of our seat took the sleep to a whole new level, backing it up with a loud annoying snore, waking up at interval, or should I say anytime he realize that his snoring alone can wake a dead man.... I made sure that the charming princess sleeping on my shoulder was very comfortable.i then completely took possession of her tablet, I exited from her movie box to her music box and opened her playlist, don't know if I had the right to do that but since she gave me the tablet before sleeping who cares?
Wow! Her playlist was exactly my kinda songs, it was as if she stole my playlist or something, starting from Justin bieber's; cold water, Ed sheeran's; Lego house, shape of you, all the stars down to Charlie puth's; attention, Marvin Gaye, one call away, we don't talk anymore and to Chris Brown's; back to sleep  the list is endless.  The tablet automatically locked itself even before the first song could finish, I didn't want to wake her up so I allowed the songs to play sequentially..... She slept quietly throughout the remaining hours of the journey until we got to the last bus stop in Abuja when I woke her up. I wished the driver would just keep going so could probably sleep more on my shoulder and I'd just keep staring at her pretty face for as long as it takes,   even when sleeping she was still looking gorgeous.
I gently tapped her shoulder twice with my left hand; hey. As she woke up, let's go down we've reached the last bus stop, I said to her.....getting down I helped her bring down her bag from the car, as she was still exhausted, you can tell that from her looks. I doubt if she had much in her bag cause it was really not heavy when I lefted it....We hadn't much time to get to know each other better as she  already had a taxi waiting for her..... "Thank you so much dear, you're such a sweetheart" yes I know, I said to myself, God knows I wanted more than just a thank you, maybe an affectionate close embrace or a kiss, oh a kiss will be well appreciated, crazy thoughts I mumbled to myself and smiled. She asked for my number which I gladly and willingly gave her, she promised to call as soon as she gets home, that would be very  nice I said, expecting your call then as i watch her majestically move her well curved figure eight body to the taxi and drove away. Simply put, the girl is well arranged, I'm sure guys can relate to that phrase.... I smiled like I just won a jackpot as I waved down a green white taxi which is the color of most of the taxis in the capital.......... *TO BE CONTINUED*

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