*SUCCESS DAILY* 27th August 2017. _*BY: JOSHUA N. NICHOLAS*_

*SUCCESS DAILY*   27th August 2017.

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Petroleum is discovered in Titusville, Pennsylvania leading to the world's first
commercially successful oil well in 1859.


These laws are tried, tested and trusted. I think it will be a great idea for me to share them with us.

 *LAW OF SIGHT:* Your destiny would be shaped by the vision in your heart. What you cannot see, God cannot give. God is committed to only perform what we are able to acheive in our mind. How far can you see?
 *LAW OF SOUND:* You must censor what you hear. Because what you hear affects what you see and it produces what you get. Don't listen to everything around you. There are people who can't grow your faith.
 *LAW OF SELECTION:* You must choose what you hear, challenge it and change it. You also have to decide the people you want to see around you. The truth is that your friends affect your force and influences your motion. You are 50% of them.
 *LAW OF COMPENSATION:* Life gives back what you give into it. NO film tricks, no superstory. You can't invest all your time and money doing rehearsals and producing tapes to become a music artist; and you became famous for being a poet. How? Were you invest your time; there you get your result.
Everything you will ever need in life has already been supplied by God, awaiting your discovery. Success is about finding where your gifting is and developing it. One of the easiesr ways to discover it is to go back to God and ask Him. Another is to examine what you like doing at all times. It can be fun to you; but you like doing it, is not stressful to you and you don't mind not getting money from it.
 *LAW OF HARNESS:* The demand you put on a thing determines what it releases to you. The greater the pressure, the greater the output. Use your mind, utilize your fiery furnance and turn it into a gold factory.
 *LAW OF PREPARATION:* Preparation enhances your performances, increases confidence and gives you a better result in life. It creates the atmosphere for the seed of faith to germinate. Proper preparation prevents poor performance
 *LAW OF SOLUTION:* How much problem you can solve determines how much successful you can get. You are leaving this world either a problem solver or a creator of one. Forget about money; it is not important. Solve problems, this one matters most. Money is an attachment to the world of problem solvers.

Success in life depends upon happiness, and happiness is found in no other way than
through SERVICE that is rendered in a spirit of love."
 *Napoleon Hill*

 *Please share and obey the rules of the game. I see you winning.*
 *Have a blessed week ahead!*
 *Happy sunday to you!!*

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