*SUCCESS DAILY* 17th August 2017. _*BY: JOSHUA N. NICHOLAS*_

*SUCCESS DAILY*   17th August 2017.

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The Roman Catholic Church is overthrown and Protestantism is established as the national religion in Scotland in 1560.


 *Who is a worker?* A worker is someone who have agreed to utilize his/her gift faithfully to the service of God. It is often said that we are accountable for either accepting or refusing Christ or utilizing or making domicile our  giftings.
Today's article is not like the others; it's essence is to place a value and consciousness in the workforce of the vineyard of God.
Here are the implications of identifying with the various departments, sub-groups, units etc; as it is been called in different denominations:
 *Ushering:* If you are an usher, you are the first pastor everyone meets before settling down for the service. God has put you there, to show the secular world how to do modelling. Being classic and spiritual. The fashion industry needs revamping, transformation and restructuring. Who will go and give them Godly values? Who will organize a pageantry and say no 'see throughs'; you must be moderate and decent. So the call is on our ushers to change that sector. If you observe very well; these units comprises of very beautiful sisters and cute guys.
That is why you are an usher
 *Technical:* Visionalize a sound engineer, or an engineer in this department. I tell you, work will result to skill per excellence. People should start rehearsing their options, disciplines and life careers in the church.
 *Media:* What of a computer student or a Mass Communicator working here? It will be awesome. Media units in churches should push for professionalism.
 *Follow-up:* Finding yourself here means alot for you. You cannot be in follow-up unit in a church and fail in any business. You learn persistency, you learn how to get someone to support you, your church, your vision. Getting Government, individual or joint partnership won't be a big deal for you. Why? Because you did follow-up and made individuals to come to Christ. So persuading, convincing and getting help for your business idea will be an easy task. I have observed personally, in most congregations; there are more business people or idea oriented individuals in this unit.
 That is why you are in Follow-up.
 *Sanitation:* Your work is far bigger than making the church clean; extend reach to your society and country. If someone is in-charge of sanitation in RCCG Nationwide; Why can't such individual be in-charge of environmental clean-up nationwide. People in this unit, should dominate the state and national environmental sectors. Open and Register companies to this effect, provide waste disposal services, deliver proposals on how to sanitize our drainages, rivers; and even prevent pollutions of all kinds and oil clean up. Give a remedy. The society needs the help of the church to intervene; with the way things are going now.
That is why you are in the sanitation unit.
 *Decoration:* If you stay around event organizers or planners, you will agree to the fact that the decoration aspect in every event is money intensive. Excuse me, you are the head of decoration unit in your church and you have not been involved in decorating events and occassions outside church setting. What are you waiting for? Is it wrong for you to decorate a state or national governmental function? You may ask, "Who will i work with?" The members of your unit are your staff, your church is your company name, you are the CEO. What else do you need? Go for jobs, package yourselves, Attend functions be it government, society, school etc, exchange cards, finally have vision.You too can become an event manager.
That is why you are a decoration unit member.
 *Welfare:* Most people eat and pay for the food, but providers of catering services eat and they get paid. Cooking for your church is not enough, Cook for the society, cook for the government. Everyday catering contracts are been given out. Shine your eyes, have a structure, go get these jobs. You can cook more than those people. Why? You have the Holy Spirit - The Chief Cook. Open your mind to opportunities.
That is why you are a welfare member.
 *Evangelism:* If you succeed in preaching Christ, you can also succeed in getting wealth. Simple! It takes the power of conviction to repent; it also takes the power of conviction to get consumers for your product and customers for your services. So so simple. No preacher of the Gospel can fail in convincing people to patronize his/her product or company.
That is why you are in the Evangelism unit. As they hear the Gospel, they hear the 'goods too'.
 *Children:* Just go straighr to public service and child care. You should be the ones managing the child's care and orphanages; be it private or government owned. It is also your responsiblity to own the schools, proprietor/proprietress the pupils. As you teach them A B C, you also teach them Godly values. Some may ask, "how do i start?" You teach children in church; you already have a market base. Start from there, they will patronize you.
That is why you take care of children in church; to take care of them anywhere.
 *Leaders:* Globally, leadership is suffering from 'Kwashiokor' when we have the fellowship presidents, church boards, pastors etc. You are not just to lead God's people. You are also to lead "guns people" to become God's people. "The world is not suffering from the violence of bad people; but from the silence of good people."
That is why you are a Church leader.
 *Bible Study:* Imagine a lecturer as a sunday school teacher. People will want to have 'extra-moral' classes for sunday school.
 *Security:* Just imagine a millitary personnel as a worker in the security unit. With the Russian KPB-12.7 or U.S M16 rifle. I tell you the truth; even you will not answer phone call in the church. You will just behave.
 *Choir:* Your duty is a divine call. If you are called to the ministry of songs; it is not for your church alone. You have to come out and shine. If you move around churches, you will discover amazing music ministers. But they are not coming out; they just want to be heard by their pastors and church members. Mediocal is what they call it. Use the studio, record yourself, sing and send it to millions via the new media. Go out for concerts, meet other ministers from different areas, increase your time for rehearsals. Who knows if the cure of some of these viral diseases is just somebody's voice?No one knows.
That is why you are a chorrister
 *Drama:* Because you people refused to take your place; that's why we have 'civillized porns' in our home videos. Act movies. As a church, distribute it. Share the Gospel through your plays and stage acts. Don't remain in the 'church building'. Work as a group or team. Go for auditions, take bold steps, go for secular events and act Jesus. We in the church we have heard about Him. Participate in Comedy Shows, apply for performing grant in government functions and act Christ. Do beyound the 'inner church thing'.
That is why you are in the Drama unit.

For your information, the workforce is there just to help us in fulfiling purpose and also reduce the issue of professionalism in the secular world.
 *Please the church is not existing in isolation; it is a part of the society.*

 *Please share, edit and advertise your church immediately above.*
 *God bless you!!!*

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