Sponsored post: *Patrick Ifeanyi Ubah 24 Laws of Good Governance*

Sponsored post: *Patrick Ifeanyi Ubah 24 Laws of Good Governance*

*24 REASONS* why *PDP Delegates* should  vote *Dr. Patrick Ifeanyi ubah* to fly the Party Governorship Flag.


He   will attract private capital investors into all State-Owned Enterprises under *Public, Private, Partnership (PPP)*.

(2) *Completion of All abandoned Projects in Anambra :*
He will conclude ongoing efforts to complete and commission industries initiated by the past PDP Government under Ngige and APGA government under Peter Obi.

(3) *Stabilised Road Network*

Road Construction is the easiest project a government can do...
He will extend road networks to connect new areas not previously linked with the road infrastructure grid to facilitate the movement of people and produce to markets. Using the Lagos Style of road construction (interlock) as a case study.

(4) *Drainage Control System :*

He will identify the most disadvantaged neighbourhoods in the state and those at the greatest risk of flooding and then channel resources into building necessary infrastructure to cater for their needs.

(5) *Reduce Road Accident Rate :*

He  will determine the most accident-prone areas and provide adequate safety and traffic management solutions.

(6) *Road and Transport :*

In pursuit of our collective desire to develop a competitive knowledge economy, He will introduce the development of broadband infrastructure into our road infrastructure and transportation network.

(7) *Women Empowerment :*

He will provide the enabling environment for women to achieve their highest potential by taking their initiative beyond the phase of empowering women to empowering society as a whole through the women-in-business initiative (WBI)

(8) *Job Opportunities :*

He will create direct jobs for our youth through skills in engineering, building technology, agriculture, food sciences, and hospitality under entrepreneurship schemes or industry employment.

(9) *Building the New Generation of business gurus :*

He will support at least 20,000 entrepreneurs over the next four years to stimulate the economy through Micro, Small and Medium Enterprises (MSMEs) development creating no less than 50,000 additional jobs.

(10) *Healthcare Delivery :*

Healthcare infrastructure will receive a boost by focusing government financing at the Primary Health Care level across the state and, where there is the business case, a mix of public and private capital at the tertiary levels. Visual and dental health will be integrated into the healthcare policy and master plan.

(11) *Anambra Independent Power Plant :*

He will partner with great Sons of Igboland like Prof Bath Nnaji to build an independent power plant for Anambra state for adequate 24hrs power supply.

(12) *Education Sector :*

He will introduce a continuous maintenance culture to ensure the sustainability of the education infrastructure and results as achieved by fmr Gov Peter Obi's administration.

(13) *Civil Service :*

He will turn the Civil Service into a world-class work environment powered by information and communication Technology (ICT).

(14) *Organized system of Taxation :*

Taxation is a major source of government revenue but he will ensure a pocket-friendly tax regime in  drive for Internally Generated Revenues (IGR). By introducing a Digital Tax Derivation System (DTDS).

(15) *Administration of Criminal Justice System (ACJS) :*

He will strengthen the state Criminal Justice System to expedite the interpretation of laws, determination of disputes, restitution for victims and punishment of offenders.

(16) *Crime Control System :*

He will support the police and other state-sponsored agents in various capacities including the infrastructure that supports them in the work they do.

(17) *Availability of loan to SMEs :*

He will give loans to SME at single digit interest rates.

(18) *Anambra Business School :*

He will build a business institute which will be virile and have a digital mobile business learning environment. Engage world class business lecturers from world renowned business institute to train our business men at a very low fee rate so as to improve our state Trade and Commerce.

(19) *Cutting Cost :*

He will reduce the cost of governance to the barest minimum.

(20) *Networking value chain System :*

Many Anambra  people will generate wealth by keying into our value chain development of oil palm, cassava, cocoa, grains, rubber, fruits and vegetables.

(21) *Digitalised Agricultural Networking System :*

He will create over 150,000 jobs within the next four years under a farm ownership and management model or out-growers’ scheme.

22. *Youth Participation in Governance :*

80-85 of the State Executive Council will be youths between the age bracket of 20 years to 45 years so as to create a robust and youth friendly system of Governance.

23. *Sports Development :*

He will build three Olympic size standard stadium in three senatorial zones of the state and artificial pitch stadia in 21 LGAs of the State and promote a sports record in swimming, law tennis, volley ball, basket ball, tennis, and football through an annual tournament known as *"The Governors' Champion"*

24. *Culture and Tourism :*
He will organize Anambra Annual Art Exhibition and Cultural Fiesta/Carnival to hold every December.

He is ready to take full responsibility of all actions of his government without any reliance on any Godfather, but only rely on God in heaven.

*From :*
-Kasie Ikedimma Esq
-I A Muoneme Esq.
*PIU | Ambassadors.*

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