Shania Twain: 'I really thought I'd never sing again'

Shania Twain: 'I really thought I'd never sing again'

Shania Twain was convinced she'd never sing again when Lyme disease robbed her of her voice.

The country star announced details of an international 2018 tour on Thursday (17Aug17) and confessed there was a time a few years ago when she thought she'd never be able to take to the stage again.

"I got bit by a tick during the Up tour, which was over a decade (ago) and I got Lyme disease, I had to be treated," she told U.S. news show Access Hollywood.

"There were a lot of very scary symptoms that came with that - I was almost falling off the stage, I was very dizzy, I was having mini-blackouts all day... but I got that under control through the treatment and everything tested clear, but I lost control of my voice.

"Overnight, all of a sudden, I just had a lot of problems controlling the quality of my voice, and I just thought I needed a break."

But her voice never came back and years later, the You're Still the One star discovered the Lyme disease had frazzled the nerves in her vocal cords. Treatment and medication helped Shania, 51, get her singing voice back, but she admits she'll always be like an "injured athlete", who has to take very good care of an injury.

"I'll always be permanently injured with that," she adds. "You can't recover the nerve atrophy... but you can do therapy to strengthen everything around (it)... It's a lot more work now for me to sing and control my voice.

"I feel like I achieved the impossible because seven years ago I really couldn't sing at all... I was at a point where I just felt I had to accept I would never sing again - I couldn't even yell out for my dog, never mind sing. I felt that was it for me; I would be a songwriter for the rest of my life... but I would have been writing for other singers and I would have made the most of that - I would have enjoyed other people singing my work."

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