Revealed: The untold story about the famous actress Chioma Chukwuka and her family

Revealed: The untold story about the famous  actress Chioma Chukwuka and her family

If you want to find a scandal-free Nigerian actress, then you should take a look at Chioma Chukwuka and her family. It`s hard to have an excellent reputation in Nollywood when the only thing people enjoy is celebrity scandals. Chioma Chukwuka and her family prefer to leave her personal life out of the cameras and the public eye. Take a look at this wonderful example of class that is the Nollywood actress and her family.

This famous scandal-free Nollywood actress was born in Oraifite, Anambra State. Her date of birth is 12th March 1980. Her father and mother were Leonard Ndukaife Chukwuka and Grace Egoyibo Chukwaka respectively. They probably did not imagine that their little girl would become a famous actress in Nigeria. They even encouraged her to be a banker. That`s why she entered the Lagos State University and graduated from there with a degree in Banking and Finance.

Chioma Chukwuka was not an only child in a family. She grew up in a family of six kids and five relatives. Her early education began in Lagos State – Onward Nursery and Primary School. Upon her graduation, she entered the Federal Government Girls College in Onitsha. Here she received her senior secondary school certificate.

In 1995, Chioma Chukwuku married to Franklin Akpotha. He is not a very public person. Chioma Chukwuka also does not like to talk a lot about her husband as it`s her private life. Nonetheless, according to her, her husband us a really good man that supports her. Maybe that`s why she married so early!

She is a mother to two fantastic children. They are both boys. The first boy was born soon after Chioma Chukwuka got married. The second son was born in April 2007. These two boys do not share in their mother`s fame. She is very protective of her children and family.

It seems that Chioma Chukwuka`s Family is one of the strong and stables one compared to other known names in the industry.

Her family and friends support her acting career. About ten years ago, Chioma Chukwuka gave an interview to the Modern Ghana. From this interview, people got to know her a little bit better not only as an actress but as a person. Take a look at top 3 things you did not know about her!

- Her family is very proud of her movie career. She loves her movie roles especially her first movie “The Apples”. In this film, she played a very young lady who decided to marry at the very young age. Even now, the actress admits that this role resembled her at that age.

- Her husband is not a famous actor. But she really loves him. She said a husband should be everything to a woman. He shouldn`t be only a husband, but also a friend and supporter. Chioma Chukwuka husband seems to be just that. And that's how she had managed to stay away from scandals for so long.

- Chioma Chukwuka loves her kids. She is a very protective about their private life. She has never spoken about them to the public. Therefore, there is not much information about these two kids. If one of them was born in 1995, then he should be University graduate today. Still, no information is available right now!

She has already become a superstar in the Nigerian movie industry. It`s very difficult to find any scandal connected to her or her family. Therefore, she is truly one of the scandal-free Nigerian actresses.

Her family supports her in everything. She has a husband that is her friend and supporter. She also has two adorable children. Chioma Chukwuka is one of the Nollywood actresses who does not want to publicise her family life. But we know that her family plays a major role in her life. Even if she is a famous actress, she is still a mother to her children and the wife to her husband. That`s why Nigerians like her

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