Kim K Heartbroken💔 Over Fractured Relationship with Beyonce

Kim K Heartbroken💔 Over Fractured Relationship with Beyonce
By prince Henry

We remember the good old days when we would see Kim Kardashian, Kanye West, JAY-Z,  and Beyonce, out together. It was like seeing American royalty! But it’s been a long time, and we know that Kim caused a riff between ‘Ye and Jay. Kanye now wants Jay to accept his wife, but even if he does, there’s still the issue of Beyonce. Apparently she and Kim aren’t very close and it might be hard to fix.

“Kim and Beyonce do not talk much at all and have not been close in a long time,” an insider told Apparently Kim is trying, but Bey isn’t. “Kim sent over some gifts when Beyonce had her twins, which did earn a thank you card from Beyonce and Jay but the communication was minimal. It’s not like Beyonce and Kim text daily, or call and email each other all the time. The division between them has grown over the last few years to the point where they are simply not that close.” That’s such a bummer!

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