Herbalist dupes woman of N6 million naira: see what happened to him

Herbalist dupes woman of N6milion naira: see what happened to him

By prince Henry

Usman Mohammed, an herbalist in Osun State, has been arrested by policemen in Edo State for duping his victim of N6 million.

Report shows that the victim allegedly gave the herbalist the money and asked him to help increase it to N12 million.
Mohammed told journalists at the Edo State police command headquarters that his victim was duped because she was looking for “what she did not keep.”
The herbalist confirmed that he received N3million from the N6million while he shared the remaining to other members of his team.
He said: “I live in Osun State. I was arrested in Osun State. She is from Benin. She patronized my office because I do medicine for her. Before she requested for money ritual, she said I should do something to make her business to grow.
I duped her of N6m because she is a greedy thief — Herbalist
“When she requested for money rituals I said she must bring the money. She said she has N6 million. I told her to bring a big bag and the money. I told her to keep the bag somewhere and the money will double to N12 million. That was what she requested for.
“She kept the bag in her room for three days and the day she opened it, there was no money inside. I told her she was responsible for the inability of the money to increase. I got N3 million. Other people ran away. She is looking for what she did not keep. She is ole.”

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