football made in Anambra For Young Talented Aged 6-20 Years.

Football  made in Anambra For Young Talented Aged 6-20 Years.





Studies suggest that Football can also have a huge impact on a child’s psychological and social well-being. And can go alongg way to teach them some extremely valuable life skills.

Here’s a summary of some of the awesome reasons why parents should support their children in 1 Family, 1 Footballer Project. We are therefore taking these benefits as a way to recruit these children in our community and educate parents on the benefits that come from participating in Football Made In Anambra.


Playing youth football requires children to communicate with both teammates and their coaches.  Teamwork is probably the most important skill that is learned by playing football. Teamwork is a trait that these children will need to carry into teen and adulthood. Youth football will also assist in the development of social skills, which is necessary to be successful in not just football, but in life as well.


Playing youth football will allow children to make new friends.  Playing football will help develop team chemistry and a sense of brotherhood. These friendships can last for a lifetime. Also, for the most part, they will be making friends that are also on the right path.


Life is about competition- whether it is playing a team sport or applying for a job. Nothing is given to you in life so it is important that children learn how to work hard and compete for everything.

Set goals and work competitively towards them is what youth football should be all about. Children need to learn to always compete and set high goals for themselves. When we say “competitiveness”, we do not mean “winning at all cost"


Children being part of Football Made In Anambra will help keep them busy. Participating in Football Made In Anambra activities will help keep the children busy and out of trouble. It will keep children in a controlled, structured, and positive environment.

It will also get the children in good physical condition and it will keep them away from those unproductive 6 hour long video game sessions. Keeping children busy and out of trouble is one of the best reasons why they should be engaged in Football Made In Anambra.

@Dr Patrick Ifeanyi Ubah Foundation's Initiative.


50,000 Family Football Fiesta.

Amb Adichie Izuchukwu.
Writes from Ekwusigo ©2017.

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