FACT!!! The Things Women Are Bound To Notice When They Step Into Your Apartment The First Time

FACT!!! The Things Women Are Bound To Notice When They Step Into Your Apartment The First Time

The thing with men and apartments is that we can actually make them look great if we have a woman visiting for the first time than at any other time. Despite our ability to do this however, there are a lot we can do to make our apartment look better whether a woman is coming to visit or not.

This is because women will notice even the most subtle of details and will appreciate certain things more than others. While women appreciate an array of different things ranging from books to toilet paper, what is important is to get an insight into what they notice to help up your game.

Musical Instruments
Women will notice if you have any musical instrument in your apartment the moment they step in but you have to show her that you’re able to play one, especially if she appreciates music.

Works Of Art
And by this, we don’t mean posters of music artists. Any work of art will catch her attention the moment she walks into your home, especially if it is well framed.

While it may sound cliché, but books are at the top of the things women notice when they step into your apartment. This tells them you’re someone that enjoys seeking information and you get added points for having them well arranged.

Your Bathroom
There is no greater relief for women than for them to step into your bathroom and find the place clean. Most women have great trepidation and dread for the toilets of male apartments and having your toilet seat down can also show her you have good manners and respect for women.

Almost all women notice how clean your bathroom is the first time they step into your apartment and even if your place lacks other basic necessities, the right kind of woman will nonetheless see you as a keeper.

Clean sheets
She sure will notice this whether things get moved to the next Base or not. You’re an adult and if you make a mess you’re supposed to clean it up. Keep your bedsheets looking fresh always!

Food In The Fridge
And by food in the fridge, she doesn’t want to see junks or rotten fruits. She instantly notices whether there is a potential to make a late-night meal in your apartment or Breakfast without leaving her alone in your house in the morning.

Evidences Of Your Ex
Any evidence of your ex girlfriends will immediately be noticed when she steps foot in your apartment and you shouldn’t risk having a conversation about them. It’s best to clear away any Residual evidence of your ex as no woman would appreciate the fact that their potential catch will bring some ‘ex drama’ along.

Any Sign Of A Weapon
With the craziness that pervades the world now, almost all women that step into your apartment worry about the craziness of being killed and will notice any type of weapon that can be used for any dastardly act.

Any type of weapon such as a gun, knife, crowbar in your apartment will make her suspicious and defensive, and she just may be in a hurry to leave your apartment than intended.

Rough Edges
And by rough edges, we mean the flaws of your apartment such as clothes thrown around and items placed everywhere but the actual place they are meant to be such as a dish in the drying rack, a magazine in the bathroom, a few books stacked instead of shelved.

When a woman steps into your apartment and see these rough edges, she starts thinking of how much work she will be required to do and if her contributions will be appreciated. Having these rough edges in your apartment won’t be too pleasing to her as it may be difficult for her to envision life with you when any of her things are thrown around carelessly.

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