A two hundred level student that tried getting rid of her pregnancy: see what happened to her

 A two hundred level student that tried getting rid of her pregnancy: see what happened to her

By prince Henry and mercy

"I am pregnant" Mma whispered over the phone. It had taken her two hours to dial Gozie's number. She kept wondering how he would respond. If he would respond. If he would get mad. It took her terribly long minutes of writing and erasing his number before she decided to press the call button.
"In this modern time? How could you let that happen? Even if you weren't on the pill, you should have taken precautious measures" he yelled.

She fell silent, she knew this was to come. What else would a final year student that has his project and a lot of other expenses storming down his throat say? Her eyes glistened, her parents would kill her if they found out. She was only a 200 level student. What was she thinking?

"We have to get rid of it. You know this" Gozie continued. "I will transfer the money to your account by evening but please, fix this."
With that he hung up on a teary Mma, she swallowed back a hiccup that threatened to break free. She had to call lotanna, she always knew what to do.
It took them a few minutes to arrive at the chemist shop. Doc as he was fondly called, smiled at Mma, he was always so nice to her and gave her the best prices for drugs. He treated her like an elder brother would.

"Oga doc, we want to get rid of something, we want to make sure it doesn't stay" Lotachi whispered to him.
"Postinor 2?" He asked to which she objected. "This one has passed p2 stage, we need something stronger" she had said.
"For you?" He asked Lotanna.
"No, does it matter?"

 Doc gave Mma a once over, disappointment evident in his stare, somehow he knew it was hers. Mma was disappointed in herself as well. He frowned, eyeing Mma once again, he shook his head saying he didnt have the drug. Somehow, Lotanna knew he was lying, he didnt want to sell it to them.
Tension rose in Mma's tummy, what would she do from there? Lotanna assured her that there was a sure place to go to, it was solid, no disappointments. Soon, they were at a herbal shop. The slightly aged woman kept mixing different herbs that looked like barks gathered from random trees. She greeted Lotanna with such warmth and kept calling her "my customer".

" Mama, give me peppersoup abeg, this my friend just go play come make mistake". The woman smiled, assured Mma that everything would be fine and then went in to retrieve a large bottle of mixed herbs. She gave Mma instructions as to how to take it. For three days straight, she was to digest the mixture and on the third day, blood would flow through her privates. The intensity of the blood would be dependent on how big the embryo had grown.

Mma had administered it as directed but weeks after, she felt pain, immense pain and she would start bleeding over again. Lotanna had no explanation or cure for it and neither did the herb seller. Her only option left was to visit the doctor. She starved her shame and went for a test. She was barely eighteen. The doctor took a test and scheduled a meeting for the next day. Sleep wasn't for Mma that night as she rolled from one side of the bed to the other. She tried calling Gozie that night but as usual, he didnt pick. She had a nagging feeling in her guts that he was avoiding her but she ignored it, after all, he loved her with all his heart.

She sat uneasily in the doctor's office as he attended to some other patients, after they were gone, he closed the door, mounting her tension. "Well, your test result shows that you forcefully uprooted a foetus from inside of you. This is correct?" He asked as he adjusted the rim of his glasses to rest on the bridge of his nose. She nodded in response, her shame gaining momentum.

"There has been a terrible complication. In forcefully removing the pregnancy, you punctured your womb in several places. It seems the drug you administered was too powerful for your womb to withstand." He added.
Mma gulped in chunks of air. She had punctured her womb, she had no idea what it meant but it sounded bad. "I am sorry sir but I am not quite clear. What do you mean by I punctured my womb in several places?"
"It means you are unable to have kids from here on out. Once you get pregnant, it will bleed out like a miscarriage, every single time."

Her eyes watered and she could not help but burst into tears. Why was this happening to her? "Please tell me there is something I can do"
"You could use a surrogate carrier for your child. This is unlike ulcer where there are treatments to help heal you on the inside faster. I doubt if there is a cure for this. Overtime, it could heal but the chances are very slim. Abortion is a terrible thing, didn't anyone tell you? What happened to abstinence, condoms, and contraceptive pills?"

Mma wanted to hear no more. All of this talk wasn't helping her out of her current predicament. She pushed the chair back forcefully and ran out, clutching her mouth to keep the screams in. She stumbled through the double doors of the hospital and bumped into Gozie. He seemed as shocked to see her as she was to see him.
"I have been trying to reach you forever! Where did you keep your phone?? Where have you been?" She yelled as the tears rolled freely down. He stood there dumbfounded, never holding her gaze. He was ashamed to look in her eyes.
"Baby, let's go. The doctor said my brother would be discharged tomorrow" a lady said as she came to intertwine her hand in his. She seemed to have seen Mma for the first time since she walked up to him "Baby, who is this?"

"Why don't you answer the question baby?" Mma remarked with venom.
"Don't worry about it, let's just go" Gozie said as he pulled his girlfriend to leave.
"Dont worry about it? That's what you have to say? I killed my child for you, your child, our child because you weren't ready and while I faced the aftermath of my actions alone, you went and got yourself a bimbo!"
The bimbo seemed to be offended by it.

"Tell me this isnt true and you dont know this lady from anywhere". Gozie practised his silence further. She looked at Gozie, anger evident in her face, she slapped him across the face and walked away. Mma smiled sadly to herself as she walked away from him too. He called after her and she responded not, she walked aimlessly like a zombie. She had no idea when she reached the center of the road.

"Mma!!" Was the last thing she heard as the headlights of a speeding vehicle stole her vision and knocked her unconscious.
"Mma! Mma!" She felt someone shaking her body. "Wake up jeez! You sleep like a log of wood." Lotanna said.
"Chi?" Mma asked, sleep leaving her eyes.
"Yeah. You wanted me to help you with something?"

Mma pulled herself up and ran toward the toilet, she opened the dufflebag in which she had put the pregnancy test tool she had bought from the mall. Opening the toilet sink, she peed on it. Waiting for a few minutes as instructed, she looked at the results.

"Shit!" She muttered "I am pregnant." 


  1. Really interesting... So strulyhe was truely pregnant! I thought that after the dream, it would be that she wasn't pregnant and rather planning to have coitus. lovely.


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