The SRC>>>the secret behind the scene.

In the structure of the Students’ Union Government(SUG), Nnamdi Azikiwe University Awka, there are three arms, which are; The Executive Council, The Students’ Representative Council(SRC) and The Judicial Council.
The Legislative power of the Students’ Union Government is vested upon the Students’ Representative Council(SRC).
The composition of the SRC stipulates that the Council consists of one representation from each department, except for the Faculties of Law and Pharmaceutical Sciences where representation is on the basis of year or level of study.
There are principal officers in the SRC such as The Speaker, Deputy Speaker, Chief Clerk and Deputy Clerk, who are elected by members from amongst themselves. However, there are other officers such as Chairman and Secretaries of various committees in which members are appointed by the principal officers led by The Speaker, for special purposes which would be better regulated and managed by means of such a committee. Examples of such committees includes the Ethics and Privileges, Media and Publicity, Bills and Motions, Transport, Budget, Disciplinary matters and so on, there is also the Chief Whip and Sergeant at Arm (Mace Bearer).
Every member of the SRC is guided by the constitution and standing order governing the procedure and proceeding of the Council.
The major functions of the SRC, as legislature of the Union is to make, amend and repeal laws within the ambient of the Union. However, subject to the provisions in the Constitution of the Students’ Union of Nnamdi Azikiwe University Awka, the council has other functions, which includes; Consideration and approval of money bills or budget from other arms, Screening and approval of appointees and special assistants to the Union’s President, Approval of conferment of the Union’s honours and awards to individuals, To make decisions , resolutions and determinations in the general interest of members of the Union, To delegate other functions to the Executive Council from time to time, Removal/impeachment or suspension of any elected or appointed officer of the Union who is found wanting in his or her functions, Suspension of further withdrawals of money from the Union’s account, Developing of financial instructions and Checking the activities of other arms from time to time by summoning any member or appointee involved.
It is pertinent to note that the effective implementation and enforcement of the decisions, resolutions, determinations, acts, laws, rules, regulations, orders or bye-laws made by the SRC is done by the Union’s President in concert with other members of the Executive Council, board or appointee he (The President) may from time to time establish for such purpose subject to the approval of the SRC. This simply means that the Executive and Legislative arms of the Union need to work independently as an arm and collectively as a team, to ensure effective leadership in the Union. In otherward, no arm is superior to the other, as every arm has its importance and role to play and cannot be neglected.
The essence of this write up is to in a nutshell, enlighten the students of this great institution, especially intending Student Legislators, on the Legislative functions and jurisdictions of the Students’ Representative Council(SRC), Students’ Union Government(SUG), Nnamdi Azikiwe University, Awka.
Hon.Rotr. Oragwa Michael. I
Chairman House Committee on Ethics and Privileges.
Students’ Representative Council(SRC),
24th Parliament.
Nnamdi Azikiwe University, Awka.

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