Tribe Nigeria Introduces "Learnable": A Software Development Training Labs For Both Beginners & Experts! See Details...

Tribe Nigeria introduces Learnable - a software development training labs for beginners who want to...

Tribe Nigeria introduces Learnable - a software development training labs for beginners who want to begin a career in software development, and experts who want to expand their knowledge base. The Learnable labs provides more than just training to participants; it also creates an opportunity for internships both fulltime and part-time, whether physically or remotely. At the beginner level, participants are drilled to become really good intermediates, after which they graduate to the expert level. During the expert level, every participant is exposed to small paying jobs to ensure constant practice, and an online community where issues can be addressed, and assistance rendered.

In total, a participant is expected to spend 20weeks (5months) with us– 10weeks for the Beginner labs, and another 10weeks for the Expert labs. The program was broken down this way to ensure flexibility (both in time and finance), and self-assessment. Instead of paying a total combined fee for both Beginner and Expert Labs, it has been broken down so participants can pay in bits. This affords participants an opportunity to participate in the Beginner labs, and then decide whether or not to continue with the program. It also affords a participant the opportunity to choose a cycle that soothes his/her status i.e. Beginner or Expert, hence paying for only what is needed, and a session that works for one’s schedule!

After a participant is done with the beginner cycle, he/she may choose to quit, and build on the knowledge acquired so far. Every beginner is however assured of an intermediate status on completing the Beginner labs, such that if they choose not to continue, they would have gained enough skill to grow personally and become experts. That does not mean however that they would be left alone. Every learnable participant is a member of our community –learnableCC, and will continue to access job opportunities and mentorship with us for a long time.

For people who continue with and complete the Expert cycle, they get an opportunity to work as full time/part-time developer interns for exciting Nigerian/global companies for at least 6 months, after which they would or would not be absorbed into the companies depending on how impressed the companies are. Actually, only best who complete a series of projects with us, as well as other pre-defined factors, will be entitled to the internship opportunity, and there will be no reason for any company to be unimpressed.

Learnable goes beyond passing knowledge and skill, but giving opportunities to learners to become better, and even earn while doing so. When compared to training schools, Learnable is more flexible and affordable, and gives more value to participants for every kobo spent.
At learnable however, we are constantly looking for serious, resilient, and diligent people. Our policy affords us the privilege to drop a participant, without a refund if we notice any form of nonchalance. Resilience and diligence are key values of the company, and we enforce strict measures to achieve them!

We look forward to having you in the first learnable Labs starting in July. Take advantage of our launching discounts, and be part of it. Cheers!!

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