SOME PLACES WHERE MONEY HIDES

 By Chimobi Mary

part 1
Money hides in your talent, gift and potential. He was born 14th September, 1978. He started as a drummer in 1991 and then went on to be a rapper but his music career meet a disaster in 1999 at UNIBEN where he studied Sociology.

Later that same year, discovered his gift for making people laugh and soon packaged it to sell to the people more than any other Nigerian.

Comedian, Basketmouth remains the toast of reputable brands in Nigeria. He pockets over #120 million annually from his endorsement deals. He gets #100 million from his Basketmouth Uncensored show with an income of over #360 million, his net worth stands at #2 billion.

Your gold is tied to your gift. Your treasure is tied to your talent. Your profit is tied to your potential. All you really need to do is to discover, develop and deploy it.

The little guy is always talking every now and then. But his parent can not see anything good in that, they only see a talkative. He could grow to become a public speaker, a presenter, on air personnel or a commentator. Sometimes our parent may help kill their children's potential and make the suffer from low self-esteem.
Discover your gift. Develop it and deploy it positively.
 part 2 coming soon
Chimobi Mary.
(Crown Queen)

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