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There are things you want to do better but at the long run you discover that you are not persistent and you lack inner strength to carry it on isn't it?
This article aims to enlightened us on how to overcome complacency.
Discipline can make a remarkable difference that will shape your life for success and also serve as a catalyst to your personal growth. It is indeed vital to your pursuit in life.

What is self discipline?
*It is the ability to deny oneself immediate satisfaction in other to achieve something spectacular.
*It is the ability to remain firm in difficulties accruing emotions, physical and otherwise.
*It is the ability to remain consistent in whatever you do.
*It is the ability to remain tenacious.
*It is the ability to exercise influence over behavior.

It is obvious that most of our behaviors are habitual, which means, we most time act automatically in a certain way without giving much to before acting, and it is pertinent to note that, self discipline is different from behavior, whereas behavior comes automatically from within, self discipline is a learned skill not an innate characteristic. It is self discipline that project your character on the platform of life, how you display it, is how it will appear.
The most vital key in how to build self discipline in your life is to give up excuses and take full responsibility for the challenges emanating from every area of your daily life pursuit.

Acceptance of responsibility is a reflection of our attitude and the environment we operate in. Some of us are quick to take credit for what goes right but very few would readily accept responsibility when things go wrong...but if you must be discipline, you must cultivate responsible behavior and quit excuses!
Admit your lapses and pitfall: oftentimes we either try to pretend our lapses don't exist or better try to avoid reduce the negative Imping our bad habits has put in our lives. Knowing affirmatively that this ought not to be so, because no matter how you try to cover your defects, it must one day implicate you and thereby reducing your value. Be wise! Try as much as you can to accept your weaknesses and lapses it is very vital to building self discipline.
Desist from laziness: God used ants to instruct about being lazy in the bible. Proverbs  6:6 "Go to the ant, thou sluggard; consider her ways, and be wise"

A man that love being lazy cannot attain excellence in life, if you can't deal with laziness then you are not ready for excellence. Laziness has rubbed many of what rightfully belong to them. You must learn to talk to your body, don't allow your body dictate to you what you should do. Deny yourself certain pleasantries that only last for a while ... wake up dear friends and engage yourselves into that which is worth starring! And build that self discipline.
Conditioning: Like I said earlier, self discipline is learned skill not an innate characteristic, being discipline in the context of conditioning entails that you must be selective on the specific habits you are creating with the mindset that it will improve and help you reach your gaols. Then subject yourself unto doing it because whatever you make up your mind to do and give it 99% of your attention automatically becomes part of you so if you must be self disciplined you must condition yourself to do so.
Choose your words carefully: Be tactful. That is knowing what to say and what not to say. Words can hurt feelings and destroy your relationship with others. Be wise! talking excessively does not imply communication. Cultivate the habits of thinking before you say anything , it is important in self discipline.
For a goal to be achieved in life there must be a catalyst or sustained within, so is self discipline.

* Visualization
The key to achieving what you want in life lies on your ability to visualize. The subconscious mind accepts the thoughts you often repeats, when it accepts it, it changes your mindset your habits and actions.
*Discard false hope syndrome.
False hope syndrome is referred to as a behavior of setting unrealistic expectations about the speed amount and consequences of the changes you want to make in your life.
Once false hope is let out of your life self discipline will be strengthened, because it is being unrealistic that kills goal and a goal getter must quit being unrealistic.

*Avoid discouragement.
Do not be intimidated, do not be put off by challenges, if you slip remember this is natural take a break and then refresh the challenges. It is only a failure that allow himself to be dethroned by a mere challenge. Don't give in to discouragement. It is deadly!

*Schedule and reward yourself.
Set out time table that embodies all the routine you want to carry out, follow it judiciously. At the end of the day do an appraisal check the routines you successfully carried out appreciate yourself, then check also where you were lacking behind trash it out and start over again it is practice that brings about improvement by so doing you see your self soaring!
Identify the specific area of your life which you need discipline, in one week, one  month, and one year. Write down smaller, specific steps that will help you achieve it. You can start now to achieve them. Add deadlines to each step.

Chimaobi Mary
(Crown Queen)

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