By Prince Henry and chinenye Akposionu

The unizik PRESIDENTIAL FORUM which consists of the whole departmental PRESIDENTS in unizik, on 30th of May 2017 at about 5pm,for the first time summoned the attention of the SUG PRESIDENT which took place at the SUG GIANT HOUSE.
  The departmental PRESIDENTS under the chairmanship of  Comr.Ejim Emmanuel from the department of metallurgical and materials engineering and Comr.Prince Henry from the department of mass communication who was the Secretary during the meeting advised the SUG PRESIDENT to apologise for coming late to the meeting which he did.
   In the course of the meeting,the SUG president outlined his proposed plan for the SUG week which he said will commence from 11th to 18th of June,2017. The run down is as follows:
11/06/17---Praise day
12/10/17---SRC visit to the anambra house of assembly,inter faculty oratory competition,cycling competition.
13/10/17---interactive session with past first-class students,free Google marketing training,seminar on the Nigerian students:the way forward,interactive session with the V.C.
14/06/17---Rag day/charity day
15/06/17---Cultural day,Oratory competition.
16/06/17---Old school day and Bonfire night.
17/06/17---SUG night.
18/06/17---Thanksgiving night,visit to the orphanage and leprosy home.
    According to the president,he also said that  there will be students wide congress at MPH on the 1st of June,2017.

    In reaction, the president of mass communication comr.Prince Henry suggested that the SUG week be shifted due to the fact that it clashes with some departmental week programs and also ought to be done after the faculty and departmental nights. He also suggested that the department presidents should be given certificate of office which the SUG President said that it is a welcome idea and also that some departments have no representative at the SRC level, and something urgent should be done about it.

 Furthermore, he suggested that the SUG PRESIDENT should use his office to extend the examination date which the president said would not be possible because the academic calendar has already been fixed.
   The SUG PRESIDENT said that he has discussed with the drivers association and the V.C on his intent to reduce the transport fare to a general price of #30 and also to reduce excess bank charges for students on RRR and biometrics.
   The departmental presidents also brought to the notice of the SUG PRESIDENT on the unattended ifite road and how it has prevented most students from attending lectures whenever it rains which the SUG PRESIDENT said he has alerted the Governor through sending emails and images of the bad roads, and has also written 3 letters to the Governor.
    The departmental presidents argued that they were being sidelined whenever some benefits are being shared.
   In conclusion, the SUG PRESIDENT assured the departmental presidents that the interest of the students will be highly guaranteed and thanked everyone for their presence and contributions.

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