The day’s sitting began with  the formal entry of the Speaker,Rt.Hon Okwuchukwu Uchechukwu Chukwukadibia at around 3:37 pm on Friday,12th May 2017 who also  led the opening prayers.
The Chief Clerk read out the votes and proceedings, the motion for the adoption for the votes and proceedings was moved by Hon Chidi Oriekezie and seconded by Hon Gabriel.

The Speaker reminded the house that the standing order for the 24th house has been adopted and so members should take note of the rules guiding the house.

The Speaker informed the house that the Dean of Student Affairs, Prof Stan Udedi, had instructed that all the members of the house paid him a visit where members would decide on how to spend the takeoff grant in his office.  Hon. Chiemerie Umeh, Hon JohnPaul, Hon Miracle and Hon Nonso in their various contributions agreed that, all the members of the house would pay the dean a visit but that the Dean shouldn’t be involved in how that take off grant should be spent since it was an internal affair and hence was unconstitutional for the School administration to be involved in the financial dealings of the Union except when it has acted outside the law.

The President of then Student Union Government, HE Comrade Henry Nwambu Nwabueze in the company of his Attorney general and the Secretary to the Union where present in the house.

The President answered a wide range of questions from the honourable members bothering on the list of his appointees which were yet to be screened officially and had commenced duties in official capacities. The President said he needed more time to ascertain if they(Appointees) were competent enough to handle the positions he had assigned to them and was still observing them, the honourable members didn’t seem satisfied with the President’s response and was reminded by the members that it was the function of the SRC to determine the Competence and Number of the President’s appointees.
Hon.JohnPaul moved a motion urging then President to submit a full list of his appointees to the house within four days which was seconded by Hon Chidi. The motion was put to vote and members voted accordingly.

On Bills  and Motion, Hon Gabriel moved a motion that a committee be set up to amend the constitution and a draft copy be brought to the house within a month. Hon.Gabriel the Minority leader of the house moved the motion for the adoption, a committee be set up to to amend the constitution and then proposed bills since the inauguration of the house, which was also seconded by Hon Michael Oragwa. It was decided by the house that the motion be taken and brought back after due amendment in the next sitting.

Hon Chidi moved he motion for adjournment and was seconded by Hon Silva Akachukwu,

While Hon Michael Oragwa said the closing prayers.

~Godspower Jecil is a Political correspondent {Legislative} for Unizikmata blog

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