Yesterday, Friday 19th of MAY,2017 will go down in the history books of Student Unionism in this Great citadel of learning.

Hon.Michael Oragwa, the honourable member representing the Metallurgical and Materials Engineering Constituency in the 24th house of the Student Representative Council,Student Union Government,Nnamdi Azikiwe University,Awka brought a motion the the house,seeking to reduce the cost of Transport fare within the school premises.

According to him,Drivers who operate within the school premises usually pay the Transport Tax Fund(TTF) at the Ifite Bus stand which happens to be the major bus stand in the school when conveying students to and from the School and so the transport fare of  N40 from the  Ifite bus stand should remain considering the current cost of Petrol,but when drivers pick up passengers from any two points within the school premises other than the bus stand (such as moving from Bank to faculty of Law, Utility to Bank, Science village to Hostel/Bank etc) that the fare be reduced to N30 instead of N40.

This is based on the premise that the drivers/ commuters do not pay any TTF to the union when picking students from this points within the school.

According to him,as honourable members the interests of the students who elected us would always be our paramount interest in all we do. The motion was passed as a resolution and approved by the house. We hope that this resolution of the house would be implemented in due time by the President,Comrade Nwambu Henry Nwabueze whom the Executive Powers of the Union is bestowed upon by the Constitution.

Unizikmata media team has obtained a copy of the Motion and Resolution as passed by the house. See the copies below





  1. Nice motion... The SUG president needs to implement...

  2. So the president has not even thought of such thing himself? Imagine that...

  3. it is nt a forceful something shah, bt d young man if he has good plans for the students won't hesitate to do d needful...

  4. I personally don't even understand what is happening in the SUG of UNIZIK...
    But this is a good notion, now waiting for Mr. President to implement it.


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