Part-3: Moment of Inspiration with the Inspirational Parrot!

Good day, I welcome you with a joyful heart to the third part of this programme, as I promised to you last week to bring it come your way this week, we are here again to inspire ourselves. I hope you will be inspired by the few words of wisdom I am going to share with you in this edition. Remember that I share inspiring words with you because I care about the state of your mind. Feel relaxed, and read through each saying to be inspired. All the quotes we are going to use in inspiring ourselves today were written by NDJP. Enjoy...

1.     At that moment when you have a lot of things going on in your mind, but you don't really know which ones to leave behind; just find a cool place to relax, and do remind God about it: He will give you the insights on which ones to leave behind, those to keep beside, the ones to remain inside, and those ones to push outside! −NDJP

2.     Don't tell me that there are tears in my eyes if you're not ready to wipe the tears! Let me be if you can't be with me! −NDJP

3.     No matter how strong a man is, there must be somebody or something that he is weak to defeat or overcome. −NDJP

4.     Once it can't be possible, then no need thinking that it would be easy. −NDJP

5.     Never you expect miracles if you're not readied to beat obstacles and to withstand the challenges coming from the oracles of failures. −NDJP

6.     The problem with the world is not just that we are prone to stupidity, but that we lack honesty more than we lack stupidity. −NDJP

7.     As a youth, if all your plans and ambitions are that you'll always be employed by someone else, then know it that you are going to lose not less than 50% of your freedom and a reasonable number of your potentials may not be unleashed. −NDJP

8.     The best way for you to change people is to make them believe that you yourself can go wrong, tell them incredibly true stories of your life, the stories they never believed you can tell them. −NDJP

9.     Are you a detergent to someone's life (washing away the person's worries) or are you a deterrent to someone's life (hindering the person's progress thereby putting loads of worries in his mind). −NDJP

10.            Someone may be occupying your destined position, but remember that you are the only one who has the power and right to possess what you're destined to have. −NDJP

Wow! That’s inspiring and motivating right? Yes, you read those sayings because NDJP never gets discouraged of penning down his inspirations from his Muse. You too may be receiving lots of inspirations to do one thing or the other, but what do you do with them? Put your inspirations to better use so that others can benefit from them. Don’t go too far, we will still see again next week. Before then, you can checkout more inspiring quotes on
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