Part-2: Moment of Inspiration with the Inspirational Parrot!

Good day, I welcome you to the second part of this programme, I am so sorry it couldn't come your way last week, and that it came late today: it’s better that it came late than not having come at all. I hope you will be inspired by the few words of wisdom I am going to share with you in this edition. Remember that I share inspiring words with you because I care about the state of your mind. Feel relaxed, and read through each to be inspired. Enjoy them below.

1.  You cannot be priceless when you are worthless. −NDJP 

2. The ability of being able to control yourself depends on the ease with which you let go of the psychagogic thoughts/feelings to do what you've made up your mind never to do again. You can control your body if you can control your psyche. −NDJP

3. Don't think of getting to your desirably destined destinations if you're not living up to good expectations. −NDJP

4.  Are you in deep sorrow, feeling great anger down to your bone marrow? You wish you could behold how tomorrow would be through a mirror? My dear, don't give up hope, because even pope cannot cope without hope. So long you're alive, seek good means of surviving, continue to strive, keep on thriving; soon you shall arrive joyfully at your destined nation −your destination. −NDJP

5. It's better I die for the betterment of my people than to live for the detriment of my people. −NDJP

6. That your mind should be at rest doesn't mean that you yourself should not be thinking: keep thinking, continue reasoning, and keep on working. −NDJP

7. I happened to be one of those who did evil they never wished nor planned to do. −NDJP

8. Politics is a game played by critics, with antics, and won using ethics. NDJP

9. I always seek to be motivated because most times I found myself demotivated: the only way to keep darkness away is to constantly put on light. −NDJP

10. It's what you really have that you will use to get what you truly deserve. −NDJP

Thanks for coming around to be part of this week’s programme; we promise to bring it your way next week. Have an inspired moment.

Anchored By: +The Inspirational Parrot 

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  3. He is really destined, enjoying your programme. Please, keep it coming.


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