Episode 2 - (INSIDE HER ROOM)

I reached the lecture room and the man was already teaching and gesticulating like a choirmaster.
I and three other guys were standing outside because of lateness. I stood there for fifteen minutes or thereabouts before I got a tap on my shoulders. I turned.
Behold, it was Helen, standing behind me and smiling like someone who stumbled on a British pound in a certain Buhari regime.

"Hy, you didn't make it at last"

"Yeah, as you can see" I said. I was surprised to see her in my department though. "How did you come here, besides, don't you have lectures?"

"No. I went to the bank to withdraw some cash; Tuesdays are usually my lecture-free-days"

"I see" I muttered.

"Your zip is open" she said putting her face away.

"Ouch! Is it?" I fussed and bent to zip up; one of my results for preparing in haste.  But, Jeez! That was one of the toughest moments I had, being with a girl. Then again I added: "Thanks" and buried my hands inside my pockets.

"So, why are you here, you waiting for someone?"

"Yeah, sure, I'm waiting for a certain guy, his name is eeerm... Tonio, yeah Tonio that's his name" she said, pretending to be very serious. "Do you know the guy?" She added, looking mean and I acted along.

"I think I know him, he just left this place a few minute ago"

"You're not serious...hahaha" she said and we sniggered. It was as if we knew ourselves a long time ago.

"Lest I forget, thanks for the T.fair" I said and caught her arms. They were very soft, like foam or rather newly baked bread. I fondled them in mine as we strolled down a bit towards SGS Office. She asked that I see her off to Engineering Bus Stand, and I did.

"Your lips are big, why?" She said, turning to me. Looking into my pupil and I warded off my eyes from hers, feeling like a shy little kid, but I never let her notice that, I posed as a big boy I claimed to be.

"How could you notice that? We just met"

"Not really"

"What do you mean, do you know me before?" I snarled, gawping at her.

"Your face is a face I won't forget" she said quickly, smiling and holding my hands tightly. Leaning her body against mine, thus making my lanky figure head towards a gutter beside me. I staggered.

I was thinking maybe she knew me before or maybe we knew somewhere but little did I know that there was a bigger picture hanging in my hall of ignorance. I gave up asking her further and diverted the discussion.

"What made you pay my transport fair today?"

"I sensed you lost your money or wallet... Or something, so I decided to save you the embarrassment"

"Oh! Thanks. I can't thank you enough"

"Then, you owe me"

"What? How many millions" I said, giggling.

"You'll go with me to my lodge, come and see where I stay, that's your payment"

Sincerely, I didn’t want to do that. In fact, I wouldn't have done that on a normal day, but she pushed me very seriously. If it were my guy or another girl I'd so much refuse. But this particular girl saved me from embarrassment, I felt indebted or so I thought.

"Alright, first thing you'll do is cook, cos I'm way too hungr..."

"I know" she cut me short. "I need not be told that you're hungry, your pale eyes already told me"

"Ok" I said.

"So, why did your morning started off that way, do you want to talk about it?"

"Some things are better left unsaid, you did what you must, you didn't leave it there" I replied.

"Alright, I understand" she said.

We reached Bus Stand and boarded a bus to her lodge. In the bus, my phone kept me company, and so was hers; therefore we didn’t talk to each other until we alighted in front of her lodge.
It was a new lodge, very good-looking, but much students weren’t around that moment. The street too was somewhat dry, because almost everybody went for lectures. Besides that, few a people walked to-and-fro. Ifite was always busy no matter what the time was.

When we entered her room, she served me a glass of milk as I waited for her to finish up in the kitchen with Tummy Tummy Noodles which she was preparing. I don't like noodles especially when I'm hungry, but I had to accept it, I had no choice. She treated me like she knew me, I asked her why but she said she was gonna tell me later.

"Don't worry, eat and have strength first" she said, scooping a spoon into her mouth.

She earlier changed to a bum-short which brought to full view her fresh laps, with a singlet that exposed her cleavages and had a lot of things pointing. I was careful of where and where not my eyes would look. I was hungry for food but I don't want another sort of hunger to come knocking.

"Thanks. You made my day" I said, cleaning my mouth with my hanky.
After some moment, we stood and I was about leaving before she came closer to me standing face-to-face with me. I swallowed saliva one too many times, looking into her eyes which directed right into mine. I don't want to face that mood, and besides my mates were receiving lectures by that time. I had to go home and cover up, I don't wanna start my day with any sensational BS.
She came closer allowing her full bosom rest on my body and her laps glided with mine.

"What do you want..." I managed to ask.

"Some things are better left unsaid, do what you must, don't leave it there" she said softly, now holding my head with her hands. She tilted her head backwards, making her weaving to fall back. I knew she was using my former statement against me. The one which I said when we were at the Bus Stand inside the school, but I didn’t mind, the mood was too serious to talk.

However, before I could utter a word her lips found mine. This time I held her hair, running my fingers through her weaving. It soon became very frantic, as though she wanted to bit up my lower lips. Her heart was throbbing very fast and I could feel the pounds. I felt heavy below me, it was like when a lizard jumps down from the fence and starts nodding its head, again and again.

"Touch me" she whispered softly into my ears. I was terrified on hearing that. I was more surprised in the next thing I did.
...To be continued every friday
We are passengers of life, who came naked from dust and shall return to dust. Beyond HERE is a Paradise for saints and Doom for sinners, but before this train of life transits us, there`s still little time to decide.

© Nwoye T. Anthony 2017

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