Part-1: Moment of Inspiration With The Inspirational Parrot!

Good day to you, I welcome you to this platform, and I hope that with the few words of inspiration I, +The Inspirational Parrot,  will be sharing with you will keep you inspired. Enjoy and remember to inspire others by sharing.

1. Been an intelligent or a smart student is not all about cramming a topic and been able to write it down during an examination word for word; but reading the topic thoroughly, comprehending it very well and been able to pass on the knowledge to other interested  persons. NDJP

2. Don't even think of dying if you have not made ample positive impacts on the lives of those around you. NDJP

3. Nobody is not corrupt; everybody is corrupt; just that some persons' degree of corruption is negligible. NDJP

4. God knows why my life started the way it did, maybe I would not have been the way I am now or the way I may be in the future if my life had started a different way. NDJP

5. Even if you would lose good SIGHT, don't lose good INSIGHTS: good SIGHT helps you to know if something is BRIGHT, but good INSIGHTS help you to know and do what is RIGHT. Good SIGHT helps you to see your DESIRED DESTINATION but good INSIGHTS help you to know when you have gotten to your DESTINED DESTINATION. Good SIGHT is for clear VISION while good INSIGHTS can help you to fulfill your VISIONS. REMEMBER, having both good SIGHT and good INSIGHTS will give you greater BENEFITS. NDJP

6. You should lie a sick person in the way he desires, not the way you yourself prefer. NDJP

7. Motivation is not something you should do once, it's not something you should settle with an ounce: keep doing it always, get as much of it as you can. NDJP

8. Stories that change lives are incredible stories that listeners/readers would never believe that they could be told/written. NDJP

9. It's not about how often you people call each other, but how happy you people make each other for the few times you talk on phone. NDJP

10. Great things happen to people with great minds, and people who have great minds harbour great thoughts. NDJP

These are the little words of inspiration I can offer you now, hope you join me next part. Thanks for being there for me. You can do well to join me on Facebook via or see more of more inspirational works on

I love to unite with friends who have trends of legends!

Asiegbu, N.E. [NDJP]

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  1. Thanks to unizikmata team for helping to inspire the world.
    long live


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