"His last communication with the world was a Facebook status declaring that he was going to jump off the bridge and he was sorry" cried one of his course mates.

That was how one of the best brains in class was lost. Yes, he jumped off the bridge and died! You ask why would he do such a thing to himself? Hmmm, he died because of no one but someone, for nothing but something; Cyber bullying killed him.

The lives, ambitions, dreams, and aspirations of many youths and teens have been roasted like yam by this heartless phenomenon called "Cyberbullying".

This issue is so prevalent that according to the Cyberbullying Research Center, one in four teens have been victims of cyberbullying and about ten percent have experienced it in the past 30 days and these bullying victims are 2 to 9 times more likely to consider committing suicide.

With a click of the mouse and strokes on the keyboard, many have been sent to their untimely graves. Why? Why have humans turned themselves to online murderers and assassins? Thereby threatening the concept of globalization and the inter-dependency of humanity.

I call on every human to make positive change both online and off line. The use of the Internet and social media for cyberbullying which have traumatized many and driven some to suicide must stop.

Don't write it!
Don't send it!
Stop Cyberbullying!

Humanity is essentially one, let us therefore promote not demote our fellow humans.
Thank you.

Written by Freedom Chimereze
Advocate for Good Governance and Peacful Co-habitation.

Founder, Global Citizens' Initiative (Nigeria).

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