Tomorrow, the 7th of December 2016 our West African neighbours and arch rivals would be going to the polls to decide whom their next leader would be. Ghana is the most peaceful country in the western African region and in Africa. It has the second largest economy in the region, and the most politically advanced on the continent.

Under President John Dramani  Mahama, Ghana has experienced a huge inflow of Foreign Direct Investments(FDI) and  improved infrastructure but a significant percentage of Ghanaians aren’t comfortable with Ghana’s overvalued currency, its epileptic power supply in recent times which is killing small  businesses, a situation which has made many citizens displeased with the government. Even with these, Ghana under JDM still remains the most Investor friendly nation in the region, at a time when Aviation fuel in Nigeria increased by over 100% , Ghana was able to reduce the cost of its aviation fuel by 20% thereby making many airlines relocate from Nigeria.

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Nana Akuffo Addo,JDM's main opponent and President John Dramani  Mahama of Ghana

 John Dramani Mahama shares a lot in common with Nigeria’s Former President Goodluck Jonathan, he is the first president to assume office as president as a result of the death of his boss (President John Atta Mills) in 2012 and also the first President of Ghana to have risen through the ranks before becoming President, he started his political career as a Member of Parliament from where he became a Deputy Minister, a Minister, Vice President and later President at the death of the then President, just like our Former President Jonathan.

Will the Ghanaians desire the wind of a change by voting out a sitting president since its return to democratic rule in 1993? Will the Ghanaians vote for a president, without the name ‘John’??? As all Ghanaian Presidents since its return to democracy in 1993, had the name John as their first name.

Though there are three other opposition candidates in this election. His main opponent is Nana Akuffo Addo, a Lawyer by Profession, the candidate of the New  Patriotic Party (NPP).He contested the 2008 and 2012 elections.

This is Nana’s third Presidential bid. In 2012, President John Dramani Mahama defeated him with only 3% of the total votes cast. He comes from a highly political family, his father Eric Akuffo Addo was a former President who was deposed from office by a coup. His Uncle , Granduncle and his father are members of the ‘Big Six’ Ghana’s founding fathers.

Nana was a former MP, Attorney General and Foreign Affairs minister. With a good number of Ghanaians clamouring for change, we would be watching to see, if he would win the Presidency at his third attempt. Just like our President, who won the Presidency, the second time he contested against the incumbent President and at his fourth attempt.

To the youths of Ghana, I have this very important message for you. Please kindly come out and cast your vote peacefully for the candidate of your choice, you have always done this and the whole of Africa is looking up to you to do it again. Do not let us (Friends of Ghana) and your future generations down. Your destinies is right there in your hands, vote wisely and according to your conscience.

Do not sell your vote for any reasons or listen to the enemies of Ghana who might encourage you to resort to violence. The elections would last for only a day, but you would live with the consequences of your choice for the next four years. Ghana is and has always been a perfect example that,responsible Democratic Values, Institutions and Principles can thrive in Africa.

 We believe in you and I trust that you would come out, Vote and Protect your votes in the most peaceful manner you’ve always done.

Like Nigeria, Ghana has a significant youth population, use these power positively and let’s start leading from today, we can’t lead tomorrow if we don’t do the right things today.

God Bless the Republic of Ghana!!!!!!

God Bless All African Youths!!!

God Bless us All!!!!

-Fidel Okechukwu writes from Nnamdi Azikiwe University, Awka, Anambra State, Nigeria.

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