By Freedom Chimereze

Modeling is a seemingly glamorous profession, and models are certainly not the people you picture when you think of bad working conditions. But wipe off the sheen and another reality emerges.

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Well, being a supermodel is often far from thrilling. To many, it seems like a dream lifestyle of glitz, glamour and celebrity parties. A costly furnished wardrobe, exquisite electronic gadgets, and other benefits come along with it. I think it feels pretty cool to take those snapshots and become a marketable face. You get to work for different big organizations and travel around other countries. You have so many friends and followers singing your praise songs. Interesting!

Hey!  Wait a minute; before you get lost in thought. Modeling is a job that not only pays the bills, but can also put you through school (I'm sure though not with a first class). I may have no reason to speak negatively about such an industry, but I can no longer stay silent about rampant abuses I, Freedom Chimereze a student of Unizik experienced first-hand and its deindividuation and depersonalizing effects.

Just like a coin, modeling has its own two sides; the seen (public conception) and the unseen (true self). Undoubtedly, the pressure of modeling is intense, it's a very tough business and you should know from beginning that it will certainly not be easy no matter how good looking you are.

Like the biblical Pharisees who focused on outward appearance only. So it is with modeling. It is all about the container not the content, the carrier and not the carried and the object not the subject. The pressure to be dangerously thin with the needed body curves and proportional biological assets puts your self esteem dangerously low. Be not ignorant of the fact that many have died in the process of restructuring their bodies to a specified standard through various scientific plastic surgeries like breast enlargement, butts enlargement and the rest. If only they recognized how wonderfully made they were, they might not have died miserably.

These affect both male and female models. Don't you know that many of them have become dangerously sick due to excessive pills injections, eating disorder and plain starvation just to remain 'fit'!

It is important to remember that no matter the genre of modeling, that those photos are there forever. If you are comfortable now with taking a topless model shot or partial nude shots, you better be comfortable with the fact that year down the road these photos can resurface. Remember that those photos can easily be spread throughout the World Wide Web; meaning anyone can see them even your unborn child.

Think twice friend, all that glitters is not gold. What is the gain of wealth without health? What is the price of popularity without personality? Today you sit and wish to be this or that, to go here or there, but at the end of it all, what counts the most?

Modeling affords you the opportunity to live a life that is not yours and to act as a person you can never be. It brings you quickly to the lime light and then you will soon be replaced by a younger and fresher model, the cycle repeats.

Let me tell you, you can gain lasting popularity, wealth and health by extracting your hidden potentials and talents.  When that happens, those companies you are looking for will start looking for you to boost their image.

Most sports and music stars know nothing about modeling but are paid and rushed by companies, persons like Mikel Obi and Phyno now model for different drink brands today. A feat they may not have reached if they were busy skipping lectures and attending late night modeling auditions.

Mind you, those companies don't care about you, it's all about them and what you can do for them in exchange of a few bucks, and then they dump you and find someone else.

It will be wise for you to choose to be a model, a distinct paradigm in your area of talent; self made models live forever but company made models die with the death of the company anytime.

Do not give up your originality for a few peanuts which will always go down the toilet. Prove to the world that you are the best of what you are and that makes you a super model, which you really are. It's always better to be safe than sorry. I have said my piece.

Thank you.

 Freedom Chimereze writes from Nnamdi Azikiwe University,Awka.


  1. Lovely piece by the Writer...

  2. There are plus-size models who don't need to get thin. Also face modelling exists, one doesn't need to go nude or semi-nude.


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