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Congrats to our newly Admitted readers,feels so good that know that many of our readers made it and would still make it to school.

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Here are some of the most frequently asked questions about Unizik Admission list/Exercise.

1) I Keep seeing Admission in Progress,what does this mean??

Admission in Progress simply means that you're yet to be offered admission yet,however all hope isn't lost.This is just the First List/Merit List,Unizik usually releases up to three admission list in different batches.So pls relax,keep calm and stop crying.Its not yet over until its over.Some people even see their name on matric day.

2) When will Unizik releaase its Second/Other Admission list???

We cant say for now,but we should expect another admission list in the next one month or less.So I will encourage you to  be patient and keep visiting this blog daily,we shall always keep you informed with the latest.
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3)When would it be late to pay my Acceptance fees?

It's very safe to pay your acceptance fees as soon as possible,if you are interested in the admission offer made to you by the University.Delaying might seem that you aren't interested in the admission given to you,so the University might as well,give your admission to someone else.So please dear readers,kindly pay your Acceptance fee asap.  Try to pay at least within a month of been given the admsission,anything more than a month is risky.

4) When I Check my admission Status,I keep seeing Invalid reg no??

This will happen when you have typed in your reg no incorrectly or you didnt copy and paste it correctly.It could also happen as a result of you checking on the wrong portal, this is the right portal for you to check your admission status .If you are still having the same problem,then feel free to drop a comment on this post.We shall assist you resolve that asap.

5)My course was Changed,I wasn't given the course I applied for??

If you where given a different course from what you applied for,it could be as a result of you not meeting up with the cut off marks or the necessary requirements for that course and so you had to be offered an alternative course.
Lets say you applied for a course like Medicine or Law,the University considers candidates for admission into these departments based on the quota allocated to the University for that course,candidates with the best results and candidates from Education Least Developed States(ELDS).

6)I can't Check my Admission status on my Phone?

Please ensure you are using a top level browser like Firefox,chrome or UC browser.Insert your jamb reg no and then another page opens click the button under the button that shows step 1-3,you will see Check admission status.Click on it and your admission status will be displayed,still having difficulties???Kindly visit a cybercafe and access the portal by clicking on the link we had provided earlier in Answer 4 of this post and ensure you print out your admission status,if you been offered admission.

7)How do I know where to get a Decent Accommodation???

This is a question,most freshers ask.In Unizik as a fresher you usually have early morning lectures that starts from 7am and may end around 5/6pm in the evening.When looking for an accommodation,you should consider staying in the hostel or any Lodge that is close to school that can give you excellent facilities like running water etc.First year is usually stressful and you need to focus,to be able to be at your best.So choose a Lodge/hostel that best suits you and your needs.

8) I don't like the Course  was admitted into,what do I do??

This is a general problem with many admission seekers and freshers,everyone wants to read professional courses like Medicine,Law,Engineering,Pharmacy,Accounting etc,some people even like courses with posh names like Biochemistry,Microbiology and brewing,Surveying and Geoinformatics etc.But the truth is, there is no course that is better than the other.All you need do is to read that course very well and understand how and what you can do with that course,that way when you're done with school you already have a sense of direction ad purpose.

Also,our world is rapidly changing,with the advancement in technology,some courses have very bright prospects and are very flexible  like Agricultural courses,Education,Botany,Fine Arts etc.So my dear don't feel like a failure because you aren't studying a professional course.

Still not satisfied with your course??Accept the admission first,and you can keep trying through Jamb or through Chang of course,after your first year in the University if you've very excellent grades.

9)Is the University still uploading names in the First/Merit List??

What we know for now is that the school must have concluded that process,if your name is still showing admission in progress,just relax and wait for the next list.There's hope that you could make it in that one.

10) My status is showing Incomplete registration,what do I do?

Its a pity that you're among the 3000 candidates that didn't complete their registration.The University sent a notice through their official platforms asking candidates who registered between 13-22 of September to go back and fill their details again,but unfortunately many didn't do that.So it simply means that you where not processed for this year's admission exercise.Am sorry about that,its already late.

11)I scored more than him/her but I wasn't given the course I wanted or I had better O'level grades and am yet to be admitted?

Well,the University considers so many things in admitting students,and not just your grades.Like ELDS candidates.Also,if you're yet to be admitted it doesnt mean that your name might not come out in the subsequent admission list.However,if you've legitimate/genuine complaints you can approach the Registrar's office or the DVC academic office.They would provide a more satisfying answer and could assist you in resolving the anomaly.


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